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Bacon-Print Duct Tape

Featured Product

  If we’ve done the math correctly – Duct Tape Fixes Everything + Everyone Loves Bacon = Every household needs one roll! (If you are married to a Mr. or Ms. Fix-it, you’ll need a little more.)    

Sasquatch is My Spirit Animal


  No words needed – just bask in the glory!             Pocket Puppies! This has a solid 5-Star review – and there is no question why.                 Here’s one for the little goofs. This Summer, let them leave their pawprints EVERYWHERE!      …

Bat Signal Kitchen Timer

For The Home

  Cook like a superhero. Set this timer – and when your food is ready, the Bat Signal lights up and projects onto the wall. Adam West would be proud!                 Now that Winter has passed (or has it?!), it’s time to get those gardens going. And while…

Pet Things

  You should be very careful choosing a pet sofa because when your dog (or cat) is not using it – you know your 3 year-old will! These are very stylish, comfortable and come in four sizes – all with free shipping. Not recommended for animals with teething issues – and that goes for the…

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Series

Literary Corner

  One of our favorite comic strips is now presented to you in a four volume set. Get every adventure of Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes from the strip’s 11-year history. This will truly make someone very happy!             Prepare for the next round of DJ Trivia at…

And Now for Goofy Stuff

                  We ran across a narwhal toothpick dispenser (see our “For the Home” section) and now we have this song stuck in our heads – and so will you!                           Christopher Walken does The Three…