Vintage Style Bracelet



We haven’t offered much in the way of bracelets yet – so our pieces need to be a combination of unique, bold and visually stunning. NAILED IT! A vintage style piece that demands attention and comes in a array of colors to match your outfit or mood – it will whisk you back to the days of glamour and enchantment.






Sky/Cloud Necklace


You promised her the moon and the stars – but sometimes you gotta start small. This small patch of blue sky and fluffy clouds can help her weather any storms that come along, whether she’s 8 or 68.









If we have learned anything lately, it is Have a Good-Backup (toilet paper for example)! Cell phone battery dies and you don’t know what the time even is? Here’s your backup – a what a backup! Stylish, accurate and with dual dials, you can know the time in two different time zones – or just the same time two different ways. Fashionable and inexpensive – it’s a cool, functional accessory.







You can now wear diamonds for even the most casual occasion – as well as the more formal ones – without breaking the bank.  Simple Sterling Silver posts and rough, black diamonds are chic, unique and will soon be your new go-to piece.







Women aren’t the only ones who love shiny objects – and this ring has the right balance of shiny and masculine. Crushed blue opals accent the Hawaiian Koa wood on Tungsten Carbide, which equals superb quality and beauty. Not only is the ring superb, customer service guarantees 100% satisfaction. This ring fits all occasions – so find an occasion to give him this stunner!







Copper and Crystal Bracelet


Lovers of shiny objects are gonna love this beauty.  Copper bars and amethyst-colored Swarovski crystals add an elegant and colorful touch to your occasions and attire. This hand-created bracelet also makes a wonderful anniversary gift – Crystal is for the 3rd and 15th year, and Copper is for #7 and #22. (But you don’t have to wait to show off your great taste in gifts!)









Silver Flakes Resin Ring


Handmade, simple, stunning.  Silver flakes in resin draws attention to your elegant style and adds a beautiful accent to your formal or informal occasions.






Decorative Paper Watch


Unique, lightweight watch for whatever mood you’re in – many styles to choose from! Made from ultra-strong paper, with a magnetic “clasp” – it’s waterproof and resistant to tearing and scratching. Perfect for everyone in family – even the little goofs. Comes in a decorative “book” gift box.








Starry Sky Watch


Affordable elegance is just a slap on the wrist. Beveled frame adds flash to this starry-faced quartz movement beauty who’s band is magnetized – so all you have to do is wrap it around your wrist and it snaps shut (no adjustments of clasps)!










Frozen Smoke Necklace


A puff of smoke frozen in time – the World’s lightest solid makes science beautiful!








Pearl Necklace



A freshwater cultured pearl  + green cubic zirconia + a sterling silver chain = a sparkly, sensational accent to your wardrobe.





Raise the bar for unique and beautiful with a bouquet of gems. Amethyst, Garnet and Pearls will set off the color of any outfit and will draw in the compliments!








So many stunning abalone rings to choose from – and this style tops them all!
















Mosaic-style Abalone and Sterling Silver – just beautiful! No two are the same; it’s as original as you.







It is said that giving someone an opal brings them good luck. Since this is a lab-created opal, you can say you MADE them some good luck – no better gift than that.








Silver and Crystal Earrings


This is a best seller for a reason!  Stunning silver and Swarovski crystals = timeless styling.















This simple, elegant piece follows the curve of your ear as a sophisticated accent for your night out.















Pearl Jewelry Set


Simple. Elegant. Pearls.

















Here’s a throwback to the bad old days when evil women would hide a little something in their rings to slip someone a mickey. Once called a poison ring – for our purpose, we’ll call them locket rings. Sterling silver and moonstones – either regular or rainbow variety add a touch of beauty to their mystique!







4-Photo Locket

This beautiful antique-silver-finish locket holds four photos – now you don’t have to choose whose picture to use, you can put the whole family in there.











Just found some Thunder Eggs in the backyard and thought how geodes would make beautiful jewelry. Apparently I’m not the only one! Add an Amethyst and I’m in love. This gorgeous piece is the pendant only – just add the right-sized chain and start getting well-deserved compliments.





Unusual RingsUnusual and simply stunning – elegance is affordable with this Sterling Silver Criss Cross “X” Ring Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Black Platinum Long Ring.










Function and beauty – Steampunk style!













Add a dash of flash for any occasion – whether you’re going elegant or wild, this will set off every outfit.








Unleash your glamour with this vintage look. Time to break out that little black dress!