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Cats and Gun Safety

Featured Product

  Prop this up by the litterbox for some bathroom…

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Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

  Enjoy your coffee with your new friend – who…

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  About as “inspirational” as we get around here, but…

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For The Home

  Shimmer and shine with genuine amethyst. Light a candle…

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Silver Flakes Resin Ring


  Handmade, simple, stunning.  Silver flakes in resin draws attention…

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Electronic Gadgets & Doodads

  Dogs are man’s (and your phone’s) best friend. Charge…

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Honey Sipping Straws

Foodie Stuff

  Get all the sips without messy drips and flavor…

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Banana Pet Bed

Pet Things

  Because cats love bananas more than cucumbers!    …

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The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Series

Literary Corner

  One of our favorite comic strips is now presented…

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