Nope, Not Today Cat Shirt



Ever get the feeling that there are more days like this than not? Yeah, us too…





Jolly Enough T-Shirt


Just so you won’t wear out your Grinch shirt this year







Slim Shady Hoodie


Happens to the best of us







Aliens Gave My Cat a Beard TShirt


If your situation still isn’t back to normal and you feel you’re still stuck in a B-rated horror movie, well good news! We have the perfect shirt for you. Featuring Aliens and cats, available in unisex, womens’ V-neck and hoodie – there’s a style for everyone.






Stay Classy Cat Butt Shirt


When you figure that cats are extremely proud of their butts, this is as classy as they get






Bear Paw Slippers


Even though the weather will soon get colder, there is no reason you still can’t walk around in bear feet.







Participation Trophy Wife T-Shirt


Ladies – now we all can be trophy wives (participation or otherwise)!  Show off your sense of humor and wear this proudly.







Bulldog Slippers


Keeping your feet warm with fuzzy wrinkly dogs is how you’re meant to do it this Winter. Quality bulldog slippers will also annoy the over-needy, keyboard walking, kibble crunching cat who is driving you nuts (or is it just me?) – so BONUS!





I Run a Tight Shipwreck


If you want to instill faith in your boat passengers on the lake this summer, this might not be the shirt you need – but it is the one you want.







Dad Joke Loading TShirt


We at encourage Dad jokes if only for the goofy groan factor – and offer up this Father’s Day gift suggestion. If you have one of “those” dads, he will need one of “these” shirts.







Jeffrey Epstein Ugly Christmas Sweater


No words needed – other than why we’re posting it in May. (Because we just saw it!!!).






Bloody T-Shirt


If you’re having “one of those days” – or just trying to get through a Monday – boy, do we have the perfect shirt for you.







Mediocrates Sarcastic T-Shirt


When you’re slacking and you know it – there’s a Greek Philosopher for that!






You Are Here TShirt


Sooo much garbage – sooo little time. The only thing you should want to know is – You Are Here (the rest is made up silliness).





Cat Silence


Cat. Silence. NOPE! (But it was a cute attempt.).








And there it is.






Lobster Flip Flops


It’s always about this time of year (knee deep in snow, wind and other goofy weather) that we start to dream of Summer. Prepare for non-stoopid weather by stocking up on Summer essentials – and lobster flip-flops are verrry essential. Strut in style with these crustacean cuties.








Stick Figure Bob Knock Knock TShirt


Following our love for stick figures and our somewhat dark humor – meet Bob!







WWF Pandas


WWF meets WWF and we couldn’t be happier.







Guy Fieri Dungeons, Diners, Dragons, Drive-Ins and Dives T-Shirt


Foodies rejoice! We’ve taken Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to the next logical step. Glorious is our only description.







Dog Peeing on Snowman Long Sleeve Shirt


Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the snowman.






Reindeer & Alcohol TShirt


We have found our official Holiday T-Shirt for this year – and it doesn’t even include the Grinch!







Hedgehog - Share the Hedge TShirt


Remain true to your nature – that hedge is all mine!






Anatomy of Stick Figure TShirt


For the Doctor or Med Student in your life (or even the budding artist who finds drawing people a little tricky), it always helps to know anatomy. Runs a bit small, so order up a size – maybe two?







Old Fart Action Figure


Sooner or later we can all be a action figure! Today your humble webmaster has achieved that status… I wonder if some kid will put me on his Christmas Wish List now? Hmmm.







I Pooped Today T-Shirt


With everything being uncertain lately and you can’t really count on anything – celebrate the small things! And if you can’t honestly wear this every day – you definitely want to celebrate the bigger things when you can…






Black Cat Shirt


While it’s true that black cats get a bum rap for being evil – they still are cats and this is to be expected.







Roses are Red Geek Shirt


When you want to be a poet, but you’re a geek… Show some love to your programmer friends – or go trolling for nerds – this shirt oughta do the trick.








CVS Receipt Scarf


We’ve all had them – we’ve all joked about them – now we can wear them like a scarf (who hasn’t tried that in paper form anyway?!).  The ridiculously long CVS receipt is now a supersoft fleece scarf and is about the most fun to wear as you can possibly have.





Punny Klepto TShirt


Our ace product researcher Cass has come up with this smart and funny Tshirt that screams “Winner” on so many levels. (Also available in notebook form.)  She may be up for a promotion after this submission…








Knit Brain Beanie


After all, two brains are better than one… Seriously with Winter staring us down, this warm and fuzzy brain is just what you need to keep your other fuzzy little brain a bit warmer – and in fun and unique style!








World's Okayest Coworker


Well, we quickly went from killing coworkers to (almost) praising them. If you have a work favorite – show them your appreciation during the Holidays, for their Birthday – or as a going away present.







Swirly Optical Illusion T-Shirt


If you’re into graphic tees – make sure the graphics are amazing! Polyester and Spandex don’t fade like cotton, nor do they crack – this is just a heads up so you don’t expect the standard cotton shirt.








Color Your Own TShirt - DinoColor Your Own TShirt - Unicorn


Make a fashion statement and color it yourself! If you ever wanted a purple dinosaur – here’s your chance to wear it proudly (Dino comes in all sizes). Kids will love to color their own Unicorn, and it’ll remain a keepsake long after they outgrow it. Fabric markers sold separately.







The Office Kevin Spilling Chili Socks


Fans of The Office can truly appreciate Kevin spilling the chili. If you’ve never watched The Office, you can still appreciate some random fat guy spilling chili. Great for casual wear, lounge wear – and yep, Office wear!








Sasquatch is My Spirit Animal


No words needed – just bask in the glory!






Automatic Ratcheting Belt


A dress belt that ignores standard problems – one hole is too loose and the next is too tight and you don’t want to chance ruining your belt trying to punch a new hole. Just slide this belt through to your perfect fit and and buckle ratchets itself into place! Buy with confidence – it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, 45 days exchange AND a 180-day warranty.







BOBS for Dogs Skechers


Even though they look goofy and smell funny – we love them! Help shelter dogs and cats while wearing comfy shoes  by grabbing a pair of Skechers BOBS for Dogs (and cats!). Show some unconditional love for our furry friends (and your feet), and you’ll get the “warm and fuzzies” knowing you are supporting the animals who need it most.








Here’s one for the little goofs. This Summer, let them leave their pawprints EVERYWHERE!








Guess What, Chicken Butt



Apparently it’s never too early to start this joke!












Mirror Boots


Love shiny things for parties, raves and festivals? Grab a pair of these stiletto mirror leather boots – and shine on!










About as “inspirational” as we get around here, but tacos ARE truly inspired








A new twist on the belt – without fumbling with buckles at inopportune times, or having buckles scratch you or anything else. Everyone in the house can use this, especially the kiddoes.








Meat vs. Vegetarian TShirt


Just gonna leave this here…  As the battle between the two sides rages on – we may as well have some fun with it.







Optical Illusion Pantyhose


When you just feel like messing with people…







Tequila Tank Top


Bellelily has come to and we are stoked. Come check out the best tank tops at ridiculous savings – and all their other fun clothes. Back to School shopping starts here, where you’ll find what you want, love and need! Please note that a lot of their products run small – so order up about 2 sizes larger.






Don't Try This at Home



Heed the warnings or take your chances!











Newspaper/Cabbie Hat



A more relaxed look than the cap above (with a more relaxed price). A great everyday cap!







Mom & Baby Shirts


Perfect for every mom and any baby!   Matching outfits are kinda nerdy, but we’re making an exception with these.







Aqua Shoes


To heck with aqua socks – get the whole darn shoe!  Quick drying and provides the traction you need in wet & slippery areas.  Winter won’t last much longer – and these are great beach, lake and boat shoes.








Drunk Tshirt


Living in a college neighborhood, this should be the official shirt of Thursday Night (Thirsty Thursdays).  And even though it’s not green, this could work very well on St. Patrick’s Day!







Funny Baby Onesies


Other styles also available – in “Dad”…














Inigo Montoya


This addition is for my husband and his dedication to watching this movie over and over and over again (XOXO, from his Princess Bride).






Turtle Slippers


People who think turtles are slow have never put these bad boys on and ran around the house!






I Am Two Tshirt


A fashion “must” for the toddler crowd.














Chubby Unicorn



We all have a duty to look out for each other – even those weird looking fat unicorns…







Camo Cap



Head-hugging warmth and lightweight.  New at BuckedUp Apparel – Click the link in the menu bar to see the full selection BuckedUp has to offer you! Don’t forget to use Promo Code “mileej15” for 15% your order.







Dinosaur Tshirt


I little motivation can go a long way. Anyone can grab this shirt – no matter how long your arms are!






Breathe Fire Tshirt


Just keep practicing.













Sorry I'm Late Tshirt


Introverts UNITE! (Actually that’s not fair – this shirt fits sooo many occasions…)






Foot Xray Socks


Maybe not for your dressier occasions, but these socks could be very fun!




Beer Holding Belt Buckle Beer Holding Belt bUCKLE


Get him a belt buckle that multitasks – keep those pants from sagging & keep that beer close! It’s actually a very attractive, quality buckle – and then voila, you’re hands-free. This suggestion comes from Judy in Tennessee – if you have an idea for our site, contact us at! (Thanks Judy!)







BuckedUp ApparelBuckedUp Apparel Tank Top



We are very happy to introduce our affiliation with BuckedUp Apparel!   Our exclusive line of hunting gear features original BuckedUp® designs that fit any active lifestyle and look as good indoors as out.  We also offer Spooled fishing apparel for all you water babies.  Enter Promo Code “MILEEJ15” at checkout for 15% off anything on the site!






Aliens and Tacos



This one is a no-brainer because who doesn’t love aliens – and tacos?! Men’s, Women’s and kid’s sizes available.





Fur-lined Fingerless Gloves


Tackle Winter in style – woolen knit arm warmers combined with  faux rabbit hair fingerless gloves makes staying warm this season cozy and cute!








Be a walking Pizza Party and hold the anchovies.  Another great shirt that runs a bit small – men should order 2 sizes up, and women 1 size up from regular.










Okay all you legging lovers – we have your casual wear, with a Steampunk flair! Warning: runs a bit small, so order a size up.




football onesie


Everyone (no matter how young) should be properly dressed for football season – whether it’s a jersey of a favorite player, or the ball itself! Customize their name/nickname on the back, just don’t fumble the ball…





Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from The Big Bang Theory.  It’s easy – the rules are on the shirt.







One of our favorite scenes from one of our favorite movies! (You now have this song stuck in your head, right?)











If you’re sure your cat is out to kill you – you need this shirt!











Or maybe jammies are more your style?…
















Sounds legit to us













We found his new camping shirt













For all you alumni of Wossamotta U – show your pride. If you grew up with Rocky & Bullwinkle, you’re an alumni!







We here at Milee J Enterprises are in a mood








Do you ever feel like you’re walking into a steaming pile of &%#$? Now you can relax and be comfortable stepping in poop.








Or if Poop Slippers are too cutesy for your taste, there’s always these charming guys!










Even an itsy-bitsy has to go formal once in a while.  Who says you can’t be suave and stylish while sucking your thumb?








First thing I do when I get home from work is put my “jammie pants” on. Now we can get comfortable and still look like we’re dressed for the day.  Reviews warn that the sizes run small – so order a size (or two) up – they have a drawstring, so that’s not a problem!