Little Shop of Horrors Plant

For The Home


Lacking a green thumb – but not lacking great taste in house plants that suit your personality? You can’t kill this (although we cannot guarantee that it won’t try to do you in…).






Solar-Powered Dog Garden Statue


Forget the froo-froo flowers, the run-of-the-mill cutesy hummingbirds and the mini industrial searchlight-looking stakes – and accent your garden, walkway or stairs with a goofy, happy, solar-powered puppyhead. With 100% Satisfaction Support, the only worry you’ll have with this little cutie is making sure the neighbors don’t swipe him!





Blue Flair Glassware


We were on the hunt for “radioactive waste” drinking glasses and got sidetracked by this awesomeness. Add a little flair to your glassware with this 16-piece mixed set of gorgeous!






Whatever, I'm Late Anyway Rustic Clock


We all have that friend or family member… – and if they like a rustic look, they’ll love this!







Dinosaur on a Bike Art Print


When you love dinosaurs and then add a touch of whimsy – you get this happy little dino art print that’ll make you jealous over all the fun he’s having.






Ultra Modern Wireless LED Lantern


Aliens have landed and they brought lighting fixtures!  Well actually not a fixture – but a portable, wireless LED lantern that they’ve used for Earth Invasions (aka “Camping Trips”), Interstellar Power Outages and even a nightlight for their Extraterrestrial Outhouse/Onboard Bathroom. Pretty handy for the office too.






Hand-Forged Candlest


We’ve posted enough candles throughout the years – but here are the first candlesticks we think will work for you.  Hand-forged wrought iron sticks add a quirky, artsy touch for your dinner table or fireplace mantel (really, wherever you need or want candles).  Simple, elegant and classic!






Mini Cute Gargoyles Set


It has come to our attention that this site is lacking gargoyles, and we are fixing the issue right now. Fun Fact: Gargoyles started as decorative water spouts to keep rainwater from eroding mortar in masonry walls. Unfortunately these guys won’t do that… Then it was believed that they ward off evil spirits – but these guys are miniature, so they probably can only fully protect a two-bedroom apartment. But hey! They are kinda cute (in a weird little gargoyle way) that no matter where you live, you can always use three nakey little friends.






Potato Vegetable Scrubber


This happy little Potato Scrubber doesn’t discriminate – he will scrub all your veggies AND with a smile on his face! How often does that actually happen?






Robot Lamp


Oh Robot Lamp, how do I love thee? Let me count ALL the ways… (This will take a while!)





Trap Door Doormat


When you want to assure guests that they are not standing on a trap door – this oughta do the trick







Starry Night Panel Wall Art


Set the mood in any room or office with ready to hang Starry Night Wall Art Panels. Big, beautiful and excellent quality – worth every penny (and not too many pennies at that!). We’re loving the panel layout style – adds a touch of modern to this classic.








Get yourself an instant classic – Darryl does The Thinker!  Being a Bigfoot is not as easy and glamorous as you may think, and sometimes a Bigfoot has to take a step back and contemplate his next step. Give him refuge and put him in your garden or on your deck, letting him think in peace – or take him to the office and have your coworkers start to worry about your sanity.






Day Clock


We have to admit that this would’ve been helpful during quarantine, but hey, there’s always retirement!








If you are a big fan of the Aurora Borealis – the otherworldly and mystically stunning feel you get from looking at the natural phenomena – have we got a treat for your home or office wall. We also love multipiece art to make a visual impact – and this set fits all those wants. Easy to hang and with a 30-Day Refund Policy – the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is no joke with this Seller!








Infinity Heart Metal Wall Art


This metal Infinity Heart wall art is just the right amount of stunning. Lightweight and with options of sizes and coloring, this will make a perfect gift for Birthdays, Weddings and Valentine’s Day (but order quickly, it takes time to create). Simple beauty for less than chocolates and roses!






Journey Un-Welcome Mat


Now that the major Holidays are over, you no longer have to try to be nice – and you can start with this Unwelcome Mat at your doorstep. 27″ x 18″ Olefin carpet door mat urges your guests to continue their “Journey” (See what we did there? A bad pun on a Monday? Oy…). Annnyway, it’s durable, washable and downright funny.







Antique-Style Manual Coffee Grinder


Having a manual coffee grinder back in the day, we see they’ve since stepped up their style game! Freshly ground coffee is much fresher and the smell? Soooo enticing. Mix whole beans and create your custom blend – then just turn the crank for the best coffee, spices or nuts. Adjustable grind settings and no electricity necessary – all in an antique-looking cast iron mill.








If mancaves are still a thing, this belongs there! Or on the nightstand (dimmable!), office, dorms, workbench – wherever.  Call it vintage, retro, industrial or steampunk – we just call it incredible.







Copper Stemless Wine Glass


Introducing a No-Brainer glass for you wine lovers out there! These beautiful stemless copper-tone wine glasses catch the sparkle of your favorite wine along with your room’s ambient light , creating a tempting visual to go along with favorite choice of beverage.







Glass "Bag" Bowl


Here’s a snack bowl from which no one can resist grabbing a handful of treats.  Go ahead and pass those M&Ms or peanuts around in this glass Ziploc-style “bag”.







Liquor Dispenser


Fill ‘er up with your favorite drink – whether alcoholic or not – with this decorative gas pump. A unique touch to the liquor cabinet has you pouring shots through the hose and nozzle. A great gift for the car enthusiast on your list.








Make a splash in any room or office with this modern ink blot clock. Silent, eye-catching – a fun gift for you (or friends and family).






Dual Toilet Paper Roller with Shelf


At the risk of being sexist, this is for the ladies of the house – take the day off because changing the roll is so easy that even the guys may do it! (Come on guys, you KNOW it’s true…) Fits double rolls and, with metal and thick wood, the sturdy shelving makes this a little luxury we all want.








Set the mood and warm up a room with this tabletop fireplace. Ash-free, soot-free and stink-free! Use inside or outside for cozy ambience – and be assured with the company’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simple, elegant and portable so you can enjoy in any room – or even the patio.








Guitar Spoons


What’s the old saying? “You can take the man out of the music, but you can’t take ice cream out of th”… nope. “Give a man chicken noodle soup and he eats for a day, teach a man the guitar”… wrong again. Maybe it’s “Give a man a guitar spoon and watch him play with his food“… close enough!







Automatic Tea Steeper & Kitchen Time


Hims is cute and definitely functional.  Plop him in the kitchen and set his timer – he will automatically steep your tea to your liking (and will double as a egg timer).







Cat and Garden Gnomes


Pesky garden gnomes tearing up your yard? Tired of the loud music – and little tiny soda cans & candy wrappers they leave behind? Get a Cat (this guy oughta frighten them off).








Levitating Flower Pot


Here’s a unique gift for house warming, weddings and Valentine’s Day – an LED levitating plant pot. The mirror base adds a dramatic light for your floating flowers (or any small plant) and is an immediate attention grabber for your home or office.








Waffle Bowl Maker



Ok, we’re officially obsessed with waffles and this is seriously amazing. Add your favorite ingredients and make the best breakfast or snack bowls in minutes!









Wall Mural


If you can’t escape just yet – at least get a glimpse of calm.  This self-adhesive, removable door sticker offers you a view to another place and time before you start the grind again.









Starry Night and Bigfoot


We can only guess that if Van Gogh lived in Big Foot Country, this would be his famous masterpiece!







Rotating Knife Stand


Loving this knife rack! See which knife you need with this rotating acrylic stand – complete with knives, scissors and sharpening tool.








Zombie Love Garden Gnomes


Spruce up your yard and celebrate love – Zombie style.  All Zombie Gnomes are handmade and painted in Southern California. They are made out of a cement blend that is weather resistant. It is painted with a UV / Mold resistant paint and then coated with a weather resistant sealer. Lots of new friends to choose from!







Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Skip McDonalds and do it yourself – quickly and easily. Add whatever ingredients you wish and custom make your breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes, all at an incredible price.







Clock with Hidden Compartment


Hide your stuff in plain site with this Retro-Style working wall clock and it’s hidden compartment. Easy access and keeps items out of reach of kids and other shorter humans.







Text Clock


If you like things a little off center from the norm, we’re happy to present this wall/tabletop clock – in all its glory.









Modern Floor Lamp


When you want a warm, natural spotlight that some have compared to a skylight – you want this contemporary, minimalist arc floor lamp.







This cute little snack size microwave popcorn popper is designed for less burning and makes it easy to check if your popcorn is done.  Family-size popper is available too!






Star Trek Bottle Opener Mr. Spock Oven Mitt





For the thirsty Star Trek geek. (Yep, watching Big Bang Theory reruns again…).   The oven mitts are what we wanted to originally post, but there are only six left – so grab them while you can!








Diamond Shaped GlassesUnique Shape Glasses



Make an impression while adding a little fun & uniqueness to your drinking glasses.







Ice Ball Mold



Make even more of a (functional) statement with your drinks and add some balls! They melt slower, so they don’t tend to dilute your drinks so fast – and because no one wants weeny little (boring) ice cubes!. They even make a really fun popsicle for summertime.







Wood Basket


Baskets are handy for many things – one of which is making fantastic gifts!  Mother’s Day is approaching and Mom can use for her crafts, food or as decoration.  Made with root wood, the unique style of mother nature make these  practical and artistic.








Ball Chair


Back and spine problems?  Forget the chairs you kneel on – this is safer to get on and off of, and way more fun (with more back support). 2-year warranty – and perfect for the office too!





72-Hour Survival Kit


Every once in a while we “play it straight”, and this is one of those “whiles”.  Not much for scaremongering, but everyone should be prepared for disasters – both natural or man made. This extensive kit is emergency preparedness at an excellent price; something every family needs “just in case”. When an emergency hits, store shelves will be bare – and what’s left is subject to price gouging.








Mini Washing Machine


Sooo many reasons this is a great idea… Dorm life, traveling, emergency loads, hatred of laundromats. This mini, portable washing machine has the rave reviews of machines costing twice the price. Case closed!







Portable Clothes Dryer


Next – you can either air-dry your clothes, or… TA DA!







Lobster Oven Mitts


We’re hungry. We want lobster. This is as close as we’re getting today.








Why trash the whole kitchen to make breakfast? Save that for dinner!  Better yet, make dinner with it too (it’s not just for breakfast food).  Use it anytime you need a griddle, toaster and coffee. Take it camping, use it in the dorm – perfect for singles.







Cat Toilet Brush


Crazy cat ladies – this one’s for you!  Cats follow you into the bathroom all the time, so this will look at home in there. Just make sure you clean the toilet bowl with the right cat. (The real ones tend to get a little pissy when wet…)







Pink Flamingo Toilet Brush


You have to clean the toilet, so let this little guy help – he’s a lot more useful than a lawn ornament!



Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser



Because who can say “No” to a Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser?!







Tealight Candles



Even though you need functional candles, there’s no reason why they can’t be stylish. Refillable and unique – which would you rather have, the one on the left or the right? Right one it is!







Frozen Treat MakerFrozen Treats


Just add fruit and nothing else!  Okay, go ahead and add chocolate…

  • HEALTHY GOODNESS: With Yonanas, you can instantly churn 100% frozen fruits to create a healthy dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives compared to other “ice cream” or “yogurt” like treats.
  • EASY & FUN TO USE: Transform frozen fruit into dessert in just seconds by simply inserting frozen bananas (or any fruit of your choice) into the chute and pushing down using the plunger. It’s that easy and fun to make!








Sunrise Alarm Clock


Unlike alarm clocks that wake you up with screeching sound, this clock hacks your circadian rhythm and helps you wake up naturally without any sound at all. By simulating the sunrise, your body should wake up gradually and more comfortably. However, if you want to set a backup audible alarm just in case, this clock has that too. No more waking up in the dark – while you are waking up in the dark!  It also has a “dim to sleep” feature – as an extra added bonus.





Microwave popcorn popper


Save on “microwave” popcorn and still microwave your popcorn! Use ANY type of kernel, oil or not – it’s entirely up to you. If you have never found microwave popcorn that tastes right,  you’re gonna want this – make your favorite popcorn with convenience. And the bowl collapses for easy storage. Great for home, dorm or camper (anywhere you have a microwave). It’s a BIG WIN for everyone!




Funny Doormat


Let them wipe their feet and take their chances – It’s always nice to let people know what they’re getting into









We all have a Batman fan who would absolutely love this clock, maybe it’s you?..







Salt & Pepper Snowglobes


And for Salt & Pepper cuteness overload – VOILA!  Not sure what else I can say – so, again, cuteness overload.






Storage box


Today we offer a cute little decorative box for jewelry, trinkets and various assorted doo-dads.  A major step up from the standard shoebox storage system.






Multi Picture Frame


Turn all your pictures into wall art with this picture frame – great for the home, office or dorm.






Test Tube Flower Vase


We’re thinking this’ll make a cute addition to your work desk – or a great gift for a favorite teacher. This saves space (instead of a bulky traditional vase) and no flower arranging skills are required.  Makes an interesting pencil holder too!








Great decoration for your home or office – LED lights create a cool effect when used in the dark.










If you’re looking for a wall-mounted votive candle holder or unique diffusers, Pine Oak Farms has some of the best we’ve run across – at great prices (and who doesn’t appreciate value?)!








Get a little futuristic with this cool little oil lamp. This is definitely an attention-getter and burns over 16 hours on one fill.







“Pretty up” your potty!  You spend enough time in the bathroom, you may as well make it a scenic place to escape.







Decorate your space with functional art – this clock is sleek and elegant, and simple to install. Great for your home or office, this make a stunning centerpiece to any room.









If you have cookies, you need this cookie jar – hims even looks like he’s begging cookies from you (just like a real dog)!








Add a little fun to the “functional” of your bathroom soap.  Made with shea butter, coconut oil and natural glycerin – and natural essential oils.  Available in White Tea & Ginger, Red Rose & Goat Milk and Oatmeal Honey, you will find your favorite fragrance together with colors to complement your decor.







Geek Alert! Even nerds love pizza.






Fill your home with scent and get a reusable Mason jar when you’re done. Add the “suggestive” name on the label and you get a great conversation piece. Available in “Hot Buns“, “Nice Melons” and the ever-popular “Smell My Nuts“.







Maybe it’s  time to bring back doormats!







Show Dad how much you love him! Okay?






Never drink alone when you can drink with the undead.






“Shake” up your meals and dine with the Droids.







Diehard campers will tell you they LOVE campfire coffee . I call BS on that – BUT now they will love camp coffee because Coleman has figured out a perfect balance between the outdoors and drinkable, home-brewed coffee. (Thank goodness…)






Candles sometimes are necessary, always make a great gift and are never this unique. Got this for my Sister-in-Law as a  Holiday present and everyone had to pick it up and give it a closer look.









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