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Not your run of the mill, traditional items

CVS Receipt Scarf


You can make a fashion statement now because our favorite scarf is back in stock! Embrace the jokes and wrap your neck in warmth with your very own CVS receipt scarf. Earn extra points by wearing this to an actual CVS. Feeling cute – invading Earth and taking cows! Mischievous and proud? Tell the rest…

Drinking Fountain for Dogs

Pet Things

  Keep fresh water for the doggies while they play – or in our dog’s case, let them play with the water… A simple step-on pedal lets puppyheads drink up and stay hydrated when outdoors, without bugs and dirt in their water bowl.               Is your bird picking up…

For The Home

When you feel like “blah” and life’s in a rut and basically know you’re a bit of a nut, you truly feel down deep in your gut you need this shining little duck’s butt. Lacking a green thumb – but not lacking great taste in house plants that suit your personality? You can’t kill this…