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Not your run of the mill, traditional items

Handmade Opalite Knife

Featured Product

    A stunning visual and having to Google “Flintknapping” has led to our latest offering – or offerings as the case may be. This guy’s products all say “Only 1 Left in Stock” because they are so unique that he can only make one! But scroll down the page a bit and see ALL…

Pet Things

  You should be very careful choosing a pet sofa because when your dog (or cat) is not using it – you know your 3 year-old will! These are very stylish, comfortable and come in four sizes – all with free shipping. Not recommended for animals with teething issues – and that goes for the…

Robot Lamp

For The Home

  Oh Robot Lamp, how do I love thee? Let me count ALL the ways… (This will take a while!)           Set the mood in any room or office with ready to hang Starry Night Wall Art Panels. Big, beautiful and excellent quality – worth every penny (and not too many…