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Yoga Joe Green Army Toys

Featured Product

Drop and give me Downward-Facing Dog! Your favorite little green Army guys have found Yoga – who says the Military cannot also strike the Meditation Pose?  A nostalgic gift with a quirky twist.


For those who believe in Unicorns but realistic enough to figure out they have a downside, we present to you the rainbow booty scoot. It’s cute, with a splash of color – but luckily there is no smell (because Uni Butt Itch does NOT smell like cotton candy! Sorry for crushing your expectations.).    …

Pet Tag for Women Owners

Pet Things

  And now for the Ladies out there – get your pet back home with a ID tag that tells the Ugly Truth, and dry those tears!               There has been an Abomination at Ruger Doodle, aka Roo, aka Poopyhead, the Black Lab Shop Dog – ate Cecil…

For The Home

  Garden Gnomes or Guarding Gnomes? Mini enforcers of peace and order will keep your yard safe from marauding tomcats and maybe that yapping little dog next door. Cute and cuddly? Nah – but they are itty bitty little badasses!             This one screams LOVE to your inner child –…