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Not your run of the mill, traditional items


  This may be one of the only “matching outfits” that doesn’t make us cringe. All the best-dressed Mommies/Daddies and Babies are wearing it this season – the classics never get old (but the younger set will outgrow it). This seems to sell out fast, so don’t wait to order – and you’ll be the…

Drinking Fountain for Dogs

Pet Things

  Keep fresh water for the doggies while they play – or in our dog’s case, let them play with the water… A simple step-on pedal lets puppyheads drink up and stay hydrated when outdoors, without bugs and dirt in their water bowl.               Is your bird picking up…

Little Shop of Horrors Plant

For The Home

  Lacking a green thumb – but not lacking great taste in house plants that suit your personality? You can’t kill this (although we cannot guarantee that it won’t try to do you in…).           Warning: Do Not Eat! Instead – decorate your couch, bed or wherever you want a fun…