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The closest thing to movie theater popcorn that you can make at home. 10 out of 10 hungry machinists agree this is true – and although they will pretty much eat anything you put in front of them, you should stay out of their way when they know this is in the breakroom (it’s just safer that way).






Infuse your favorite alcohol with espresso and spices – just add 2 cups of your favorite liquor and enjoy the extra kick from this solid 5-star cocktail “mix”. Coffee cocktails are now so easy to make, anyone can do it (even us)!







Danny Trejo has entered the elite group of authors – from badass Snoop Dogg to ex-con Martha Stewart – to offer up a cookbook that is getting solid reviews. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican recipes, you just found it! Sprinkle in his backstory and (TA-DA) you have a book that needs to be in your collection… And who doesn’t love tacos (or Trejo – he’s so cute and cuddly)?






Sphincter Shrinker Hot Sauce


And there you have it – with an apple sauce base and habaneros, Sphincter Shrinker makes an unforgettable addition to anything you want that needs a little (scratch that) a “buttload” of extra heat. The whole apple sauce “thing” creates a dangerous illusion of baby food, unicorns and Winnie the Pooh – but you should be thinking molten lava, Satan’s jockstrap and solar flares.







Being headquartered in Reno, it would be considered bad form (and possibly illegal) if we didn’t offer these delicious Belgian Milk Chocolate Casino Chips for your snacking or gifting needs. So in order to keep the Visitor’s Bureau and the Gaming Gods off our back, eat more chocolate!






Biohazard Coffee

All the kick and none of the ick. The World’s strongest coffee (928 mg of caffeine) will get your tushie moving without the bitter taste. Surprisingly smooth and no sour aftertaste is why this coffee has a devout following of caffeinated, hyper humans ready to conquer the Universe (or at least a mind-numbing mid-Morning meeting).






Chocolate Truffle Making Kit

This one has our attention due to our two favorite words – “Chocolate” and “Truffles”. A lot of 5-Star Reviews tell us  that this is easy, delicious and teaches you how to make Chocolate Truffles in the future without needing additional kits. We can only imagine how amazing the house will smell when you start creating – and most importantly (and we can’t say this enough) you get Chocolate Truffles! (Yep, still love those words…)






Cat Butt Cookie Cutter

You’ve seen it (probably too many times), you’ve smelled it (definitely too many times), and now you can bake it (gotta smell better than (well you know…). Cookie butt cookies are sooo much better than their inspiration. (Little chocolate morsels may be used for optimum effect.)






50 Ways to Eat Cock

Settle down folks, it’s a cookbook… We just weren’t sure whether to put this in the “Literary Corner” or “Foodie & Drinkie Stuff”, so we’ll put it in both places… (Sorry, there really was no other way we could write this post – nor would we want to. We’re just in that kind of a mood!)






Wake the Hell Up! Ultra-Caffeinated Coffee


If you liked Death Wish coffee – you’re gonna LOVE Wake the Hell Up! ultra-caffeinated ground coffee. Medium to dark roast with all the caffeine and more – and with yummy flavors like Blueberry, Cannoli,  Jamaican Me Crazy and Peanut Butter Cup. A fresh taste with no bitter aftertaste – so here’s your kick in the pants to Wake the Hell Up!





Boba Bubble Tea

Great Balls of Boba – we have Bubble Tea! If you don’t know what that is – you are not alone (we are deep diving into Bing after we saw this!). Apparently it can be any combination of tea, milk, syrup, fruit and little tiny tapioca balls for texture and flavor – and a little snack when the drink is gone. This 4-flavor variety pack is a great way to introduce or immerse yourself in a fun little beverage.






[]]]]] – (Sorry, but the cat wanted to contribute to the site and we just couldn’t say “no”. Not to mention that “no” means nothing to her… So thanks for the input Turtle.)

Now back to business…






Crab Spoon Holder


It’ll be soup season soon and you’ll need a cute little helper to hold your spoon. Lucky for you, here he is! And he holds more than spoons – so not only is he a darned cute kitchen companion, but he is happy to help out.






Guacamole Serving Bowl

If you have THE perfect guacamole recipe – you’re only half way there. You must have this avocado serving bowl to totally win the guac game. This hand-painted ceramic bowl and lid (with spoon included) needs to be on your table!






Bag Resealer Chip Saver

Among life’s big fat “little” annoyances (leaving no toilet paper in bathroom or empty food packages in fridge and cabinets) is the open chip bag scenario.  Either other people don’t think to roll them closed, use a chip clip or even deploy the “rubberband-and-break-the-goodies-last-ditch-effort” move. There is a way to save your relationship AND your sanity – reseal the bag the same way it was originally sealed. And this is the mini heat sealer that will do it. Simply glide over the opening of any package that can melt and, voila, no more stale snacks (or cereal/frozen food/etc.).






Gourmet Sea Salt Collection


Too cold to go outside to play? Get a little salty in the kitchen and go all mad-scientist with this variety pack of gourmet finishing sea salts. Not a sampler pack – but enough to use repeatedly (and packaged in reusable cork and glass jars).  A gourmet must for you foodies!






Emergency Food Supply

As the Country’s situation becomes even more iffy each day – it may come to this.  The rush on toilet paper is flat out ridiculous – but imagine that extending to basic food. And if it becomes mandatory that we not leave our homes – this will come to you.

Water FIltration Straw

Add this to your emergency preparedness stash and filter unsafe water – lot’s of it. Filter almost 800 gallons per straw – keep in car, home or at work – and don’t worry about shelf life, it lasts indefinitely even after opening.






Waffle Bowl Maker

Ok, we’re officially obsessed with waffles and this is seriously amazing. Add your favorite ingredients and make the best breakfast or toss in some fruit chunks for snack bowls in minutes!






When I Dunk My Cookies Mug


Get your Sweetie a cookie-dunking mug and let them know you’re thinking about them.






For the lovers of wine, whiskey or bourbon (actually whatever you want to put into it) – you will love this American White Oak Aging Barrel.  Age your favorite drink in this 2-liter, laser-engraved cask – and Voila(!), you have your own little distillery at home.






Tasmanian Christmas Bush HoneyTasmanian Leatherwood Honey


From the wild rainforest of Tasmania, we bring you what ultimate foodies regard as the rarest and finest honey in the world. Christmas Bush is said to have a spicy, rich caramel kick;  and Leatherwood is described as divine, craveable, amazing – or simply THE BEST.






Galaxy Lollipops

Tired of being promised the moon and the stars? Demand the whole darned galaxy. Covet the cosmos – different sets of gourmet flavors will have you sucking on a supernova!  So impressive and beautiful that you may not want to eat, and that’s okay too.






Truffle Oil Set

Truffles? Yes, please! Three different kinds?! Brain Explosion. Share some truffle love with all your food.






Olive Oil Variety Pack

Go Authentic, Go Italian! Drizzle these amazing flavors on your food for a healthy treat for the taste buds. Make this a Christmas gift they’ll love – and use over and over.






Cheese Making Kit

Smile and say “Cheese”, then smile and make cheese – and smile and eat cheese! Make all different kinds of cheeses, including Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Feta, Marscapone, and good old Cream Cheese. This gets a big fat Oh Yes from us – and someone on your Gift List will love this (she writes as her mouth starts to water…)






Dog Lovers Coffee

For the dog lovers out there – who wouldn’t want a cup of Wet Nose Nudge or Muddy Dog? Grab a 8-pack sampler of really good coffee with really goofy dog names – but get them fast, supplies are low (we just had to post as a Holiday gift idea).






Carousel Spice Rack/Dispenser

Spice things up without rummaging through cabinets to find all the ingredients you need. This convenient rotating caddy will also measure out the amount needed – so go pro in the kitchen and go all “mad scientist” with your food!







Fire up those grills and be an instant pitmaster with the Project Smoke collection. There’s a rub for anything you want to cook up!







Love hot food and hate your digestive tract? Have we got a treat for you! Starts sweet, but then the heat sneaks up on you.







Oh, good grief – Tricerataco is a big fat YESS!






Coffee Press Travel Mug

When you’re busy running around or travelling, don’t take chances on settling for cardboard-tasting coffee where (or if) you can find some – just bring your own.  All you need is your favorite coffee grounds and hot water. Brew and drink from the same container; so clean-up is a breeze. Mother’s Day is coming and she’ll love this!






Gourmet Tea

This fruity black tea, with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot has us rethinking tea!







Jim Beam Vanilla Bourbon Coffee


Coffee with a bourbon flavor kick!  Watch their faces when you tell them you had Jim Beam for breakfast.






Salt & Pepper Grinders

It’s about time that salt and pepper grinders got streamlined. Now you only need your thumb and you get exact placement of your spices. Quality stainless steel inside and out – so your grinders will stand the test of time and use!






Probably the cutest thing we’ll see all day… Tea drinkers rejoice – you now have a drinking buddy!






Jelly Belly Cocktail Flavors

Because drinking at work is frowned upon…






High Fiber Cereal

Gotta love when a product just puts it out there.






Death Wish Coffee


There are no better words that I can use to describe Death Wish, so I will just post a customer’s review of this double-caffeinated coffee –


And there you go…






Gourmet Coffee Pods

Suffer “menu fatigue” no longer with an amazing variety of coffee podsContains 12 cups of City Roast, French, Donut, Colombia, Italian, & Chicory. 6 cups of Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate chip, Vanilla

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