Desktop Cow Vac

Electronic Gadgets & Doodads


It’s not clean until it’s cow clean. Don’t let this sleepy guy fool you – he’s ready to clean your table, desktop or keyboard any time you’re ready. And cuteness counts!






GIant Plush Enter Key


Computer got you down? Are you (or know) a techie with anger issues? Customers getting on your last nerve? Here is a simple solution that costs less than flinging your computer across the room – and hitting or punching this key is actually encouraged, so instant stress relief (YAY)!







Vintage Radio/Bluetooth


This mini vintage FM radio/Bluetooth speaker mixes old-fashioned aesthetics with modern technology and convenience – and is soooo darned cute!  While it may be mini,  it throws out maximum sound and quality which is perfect for portability and performance – and this retro beauty is crafted with real wood (not a plastic wannabe).






Fingerprint Padlock


A little piece of hardware that software just made amazing – use your fingerprint or phone app to unlock this heavy duty padlock. No more hauling around (and losing) keys or remembering codes. Waterproof, long standby time and power indicator allows you to use wherever and whenever you need it – sheds, gym, when you travel.







3D Printer for Home Use


Nerd out with the ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LDC 3D Printer! If you can even read that last sentence, you’ve  Leveled Up your Nerd Game.  Reasons you want to buy this:  Latest software for extraordinary user experience, contains all parts needed to start printing your first project, suitable for 3D newbies, and VERY inexpensive – but definitely not “cheap”. It’s the real deal without forking over a ton of cash!  So go ahead and build your “toys” and doodads at home – this is the perfect way to do it.






Electronic Playable Guitar TShirt


How does a Tshirt end up in the “Electronics” Section? When you turn on its amp and play the guitar with it.  No more nerding out by playing air guitar – think geek and channel your Inner Ozzie or Aerosmith. RUNS SMALL THOUGH – We suggest you order two sizes up!








Banana Bluetooth Phone


Someone has finally done it, and no one saw it coming – the BANANA PHONE! We love to bring you goofy, so we sincerely thank the person who invented this profound piece of goofy. While not a standalone phone, just pair it up with the bluetooth function of your Iphone or Android device and enjoy your calls – with crystal clear sound and full voice assist capabilities – on a naner.









Astronaut Phone/Tablet Stand


Astrodude is a sturdy, stable phone stand for when you need to go hands-free. Watch videos, Skype/Facetime or charge your phone or tablet – all with help from this little guy. Hard solid resin and rubber no-skid, no-scratch pads means he’s comfortable at home or at work.







Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses


It seems that everything has a Bluetooth version – from water bottles to knit caps. This is one of the only things where having Bluetooth makes sense. Knit caps are too hot in the Summer and you have to lug around a water bottle. Just slip these on and enjoy your music or answer your phone – and it’s all super simple and stylish!







180-Degree Flashlight


So simple, but with a much needed twist. Wide-angle (180 Degrees), super-bright (420+ Lumens) flashlight lights up your whole path. Keep at home for power failures – or pack it in your camping gear – and see a lot more when needed!







Solar Phone/Tablet Charger


When you’re out all day – go ahead and multitask. Enjoy the sun and let it work for you – use this folding, zippered solar charger to rev up your phone or tablet so, at the end of your busy day, you can relax and enjoy a game or two even when there is no power plug in that tent you’re camping in. No more dead camera – always power for an emergency – and we have all this at the best price!







Smartphone Instant Printer


Instantly print those pictures off your phone! Get credit card size photos for your wallet, with filters to make your pictures just the way you want.