Pet Tag for Women Owners

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And now for the Ladies out there – get your pet back home with a ID tag that tells the Ugly Truth, and dry those tears!








There has been an Abomination at Ruger Doodle, aka Roo, aka Poopyhead, the Black Lab Shop Dog – ate Cecil (adorable mini-Alpaca action figure from The Crafty Alpaca that he definitely had to root around to find…). We have found Cecil’s remains and are questioning whether Doodleface deserves Bumble, the Abominable Snowman.

Then we see the puppydog eyes, the floppy ears and the (feigned) remorse in his face – and well yeah, any and every cat or dog deserves a new Christmas toy. And a kiss on the nose. We can help with the first part – you supply the kisses – everyone’s happy! Also, check out The Crafty Alpaca for the most amazing, warm & fuzzy, cute & cozy, genuine alpaca gift ideas for the Holidays!







Metal Dog Figurine


We love this puppy! We love it so much, he’s been a go-to gift to a few of our favorite people – and he looks just like his picture. It’s more like a thing about pets instead of a thing for pets – but we cannot resist putting him here, front and center. Adopt this little guy for yourself or a friend.







A must-have for your kibble-crunching, smart-alecky fuzzyface who likes to play with their food. Slow down feeding time and keep them interested and entertained by making them work for their treats, instead of just gobbling them down too fast and giving them tummy trouble. Works best for smaller to medium sized dogs who like a little challenge (but is easy to learn for those determined to earn their kibbles).






Drinking Fountain for Dogs


Keep fresh water for the doggies while they play – or in our dog’s case, let them play with the water… A simple step-on pedal lets puppyheads drink up and stay hydrated when outdoors, without bugs and dirt in their water bowl.






You should be very careful choosing a pet sofa because when your dog (or cat) is not using it – you know your 3 year-old will! These are very stylish, comfortable and come in four sizes – all with free shipping. Not recommended for animals with teething issues – and that goes for the kid too…






White Paw Barkling Water

Dogs love to hang out with their people – why not offer them a White Paw Spiked Barkling Water squeaky toy while you enjoy your actual drink? Cute, clever and happiness for everyone involved!






Milkbone Birthday Tin


Presentation is everything – so give your Birthday Boy or Girl their favorite treat in a Celebration tin. This 36 ounce tin has furface’s five favorite flavors and when it runs empty – just refill with more treats.






Cat Food Tree


Is your fuzzy-face more like a chunky-butt? Make them work for their food and return them to their original state as a lean, mean kibble catching machine. It may take a moment for your cat to warm up to the idea but when the natural instinct to hunt for food kicks in, they will get on board with this food tree (and will appreciate that they are in shape for planning your demise in the middle of the night…)







Cats have a love/hate relationship with the dreaded red dot, and now they can stalk and attack it as you sit back and try to get anything else done. It will automatically move in random patterns and keep them busy while you are, let’s say for example – trying to add cute cat toys to your fun little internet store… These may also work for the bigger weird looking cats known as dogs!








This recreational weed is legal in all states; and side effects are minimal (may cause cats to fall in love with chairs and coffee tables).






Funny Pet nTagFunny Pet Tag


More true to life pet tags for your cat, dog, or whateverwhether they are goofy like Roo, or a putzbrain like Turtle (our cat). Personalize the back and, if they get lost, you may just get your little nutcases back!







Pet Grooming Gloves

Not quite unique nor unusual – just a fantastic item for fur faces that hate to be groomed. I once had a cat that always wanted pets, but put a brush in my hand – and he attacked the brush (and, accidently on occasion, me). There was clawing, biting and blood (soooo much blood)… Skip ahead a few decades and a genius came up with these – ahhh, all the time wasted!  These offer the best of all worlds when you want to make everyone happy.








Nail Trimmer for Pets


Your pet wants that mani/pedi…  This low noise trimmer won’t freak them out – and it’s actually a grinder, so there’s less risk  of cutting nails too short! Save their paws, your skin and the floors!






Pet Tag

Finally a pet tag that comes from the pet’s point of view. Personalize the back with four lines of information that will help you get your furry buddy back home, safe and sound.







Step aside catnip – we found something better!






Pet Treat Launcher

Launch “those puppies” at your puppy (or cats)!  Go for distance and relieve your pets’ cabin fever this Winter.






Christmas stocking for pets

Whether they’re naughty or nice, we love them and they deserve treats for Christmas!






Dogs love a Birthday Party too – or ice cream on a hot summer day. Give them a treat today!







Here’s a great toy for the dog who has cabin fever this winter – SQUEAKY BACON! Nothing more to say…

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