Smartphone Projector

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Here’s a fun little gadget at a fun little price – a Mini LED Smartphone Projector. It’s easy to watch streaming videos on your phone, but it’s not to easy to see everything on such a small screen – problem solved! Watch your favorite videos, movies, etc. with this highly-rated portable projector and share the fun with friends.




Tiny Bluetooth


Itty, bitty, baby Bluetooth speaker has an amazingly big sound (just like real itty, bitty babies!).  Here’s that good thing that comes in a small package.









Free for Life – Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! Sobetter HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs absolutely FREE.







Iphone Case Art Deco


This week’s Holiday gift offering (actually all our items fit that description…) is a stunning iPhone Art Deco “Stained Glass” cover.






Smartphone Instant Printer


Instantly print those pictures off your phone! Get credit card size photos for your wallet, with filters to make your pictures just the way you want.






Buoy Case for Call Phone


Let the water games begin AND protect your cell phone. Splash-proof and sink-proof – and it allows touchscreen access.







Bamboo Keyboard


Give your computer a natural twist – add bamboo for a unique touch (among your other senses)!

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