We are your marketplace for unique products, fantastic gifts,…

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Coprolite - Dino Poop

Featured Product

    We promised you unique and unusual – and…

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Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

  Can’t believe it took over an hour to find…

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    Here is a “Statement Piece”, although we have…

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Metal Dog Figurine

Pet Things

  We love this puppy! It’s more like a thing…

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Infinity Heart Metal Wall Art

For The Home

  This metal Infinity Heart wall art is just the…

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  You can now wear diamonds for even the most…

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Electronic Playable Guitar TShirt

Electronic Gadgets & Doodads

    How does a Tshirt end up in the…

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Gourmet Sea Salt Collection

Foodie Stuff

  Too cold to go outside to play? Get a…

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Pets with Tourette's

Literary Corner

  We actually have no information on this book, but…

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