When I Dunk My Cookies Mug

Foodie Stuff


Get your Sweetie a cookie-dunking mug and let them know you’re thinking about them.






Oil & Vinegar Cruet


Set a beautiful table and top it off with this exquisite oil & vinegar (or soy sauce, etc) mouth-blown glass cruet.








For the lovers of wine, whiskey or bourbon (actually whatever you want to put into it) – you will love this American White Oak Aging Barrel.  Age your favorite drink in this 2-liter, laser-engraved cask – and Voila(!), you have your own little distillery at home.







Astronaut Ice Cream


And then there’s this… If you ever wanted to eat like an Astronaut – you’re in luck! Order this variety pack and get two pouches each of Neapolitan, Banana Split and Strawberry Ice Cream. It’s a great little snack for camping, school, Neptune, movie night – any time you want a no-mess treat.







Tasmanian Christmas Bush HoneyTasmanian Leatherwood Honey


From the wild rainforest of Tasmania, we bring you what ultimate foodies regard as the rarest and finest honey in the world. Christmas Bush is said to have a spicy, rich caramel kick;  and Leatherwood is described as divine, craveable, amazing – or simply THE BEST.







Alcohol Straw Glass


Adult Sippy Cups are a thing now. No more toasting “Bottoms Up” because you’ll be drinking from the bottom up (where all the good stuff settles!).  Although there is no lid to your new sippy cup, you’ll be able to garnish the heck out of your drink.








Waffle Shot Glasses


Waffleshots! Let that sink in – Waffleshots. Now let’s step it up – Flavored Waffleshots. Manufacturer talk about these for hot drinks, but if they are shot glasses – I can think of a few cocktails that would be amazing in these. Stock up for your next party (great for dessert drinks after a dinner party), or for any time you want to be fancy all by yourself – you really don’t need a reason, you just need Waffleshots!






Food Seasoning Sticks


Forget the marinades, rubs, messes and time-wasters – insert Seasoning Stix and flavor your food in no time, from the inside out! Use any cooking method, and these sticks will dissolve and spread the flavor throughout your meat, fish or whatever you want to season.








Pickle Ice Pops


Ice Pops have evolved, grown up, and are now a superfood.  Pickle juice has so many benefits – and you can have them all in a ice bar (just in time for summer)!  Replenish electrolytes, ease muscle cramps and stay hydrated. On the other end of the spectrum – they are a fun little chaser to a whiskey/pickle back…







Galaxy Lollipops


Tired of being promised the moon and the stars? Demand the whole darned galaxy. Covet the cosmos – different sets of gourmet flavors will have you sucking on a supernova!  So impressive and beautiful that you may not want to eat, and that’s okay too.









Truffle Oil Set


Truffles? Yes, please! Three different kinds?! Brain Explosion. Share some truffle love with all your food.







Whether it’s for snack time, or for Santa Claus – cookies taste better with a Panda Bear.






Olive Oil Variety Pack



Go Authentic, Go Italian! Drizzle these amazing flavors on your food for a healthy treat for the taste buds. Make this a Christmas gift they’ll love – and use over and over.






Pizza Maker/Mini Oven


Yay for gadgets! This fun little oven makes pizzas, quesadillas, nachos – and even giant cookies. Quick cooking and clean-up brought to you by Betty Crocker!






Cheese Making Kit


Smile and say “Cheese”, then smile and make cheese – and smile and eat cheese! Make all different kinds of cheeses, including Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Feta, Marscapone, and good old Cream Cheese. This gets a big fat Oh Yes from us – and someone on your Gift List will love this (she writes as her mouth starts to water…)








Dog Lovers Coffee



For the dog lovers out there – who wouldn’t want a cup of Wet Nose Nudge or Muddy Dog? Grab a 8-pack sampler of really good coffee with really goofy dog names – but get them fast, supplies are low (we just had to post as a Holiday gift idea).  Cat Lovers Sampler pack also available – if you want a cup of Chubby Cat or Feline Groovy!






Carousel Spice Rack/Dispenser


Spice things up without rummaging through cabinets to find all the ingredients you need. This convenient rotating caddy will also measure out the amount needed – so go pro in the kitchen and go all “mad scientist” with your food!










Fire up those grills and be an instant pitmaster with the Project Smoke collection. There’s a rub for anything you want to cook up!








Love hot food and hate your digestive tract? Have we got a treat for you! Starts sweet, but then the heat sneaks up on you.








Oh, good grief – Tricerataco is a big fat YESS!







Coffee Press Travel Mug



When you’re busy running around or travelling, don’t take chances on settling for cardboard-tasting coffee where (or if) you can find some – just bring your own.  All you need is your favorite coffee grounds and hot water. Brew and drink from the same container; so clean-up is a breeze. Mother’s Day is coming and she’ll love this! Order now for over “half off” savings!









Exotic Jerky


Love jerky, but looking for something a bit different?   Spices don’t make all the difference – try exotic meats… How about Kangaroo, Alligator, Buffalo, Maple Duck, Pheasant, Elk, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Hawaiian Pork, Venison? Take a taste of the wild side.






Flavored Kit Kat Candy


Kit Kats are HUGE in Japan and aren’t just the chocolate wafers we know them as.  How about these flavors?  Green Tea, Wasabi, Rum Raisin , strawberry cheesecake, pancake etc.  A must-have for the curious candy connoisseur. REALITY CHECK: These candies are miniatures – but unless you visit Japan, you aren’t likely to run across these little wonders!








Gin & Tonic Caramel Sauce


And then there’s this… Any guinea pigs willing to try it?!








Gourmet Tea


This fruity black tea, with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot has us rethinking tea!









Giant Gummy BearGiant Gummy Worm



Size matters – so go big AND go home (to eat giant candy)! And the Amazon reviews on these are sooo entertaining… According to the Questions section, the Gummy Bear is anatomically correct, but we have our doubts. Either way – these are great gifts for Gummy lovers.







Shit the Bed Hot Sauce


Let’s certainly hope that the name is exaggerated and the reviews aren’t – then we have a winner!








Jim Beam Coffee


Coffee with a bourbon flavor kick!  Watch their faces when you tell them you had Jim Beam for breakfast.







Salt & Pepper Grinders


It’s about time that salt and pepper grinders got streamlined. Now you only need your thumb and you get exact placement of your spices. Quality stainless steel inside and out – so your grinders will stand the test of time and use!








Probably the cutest thing we’ll see all day… Tea drinkers rejoice – you now have a drinking buddy!






Portable Pizza Oven


Cook that  pizza in the cutest little portable oven.  Rotating cooking surface with top and bottom elements gives you the perfect pizza every time. Excellent price with fantastic reviews – you can’t pass this up!








Jelly Belly Cocktail Flavors


Because drinking at work is frowned upon…





Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme



Jelly Belly + Krispy Kreme = EXCELLENCE! Great for parties, Valentines Day or just a bingeworthy snack. Amazing flavors at an amazing value – they will not disappoint.








Godiva Truffle Coffee


Our four favorite words:  Godiva, Chocolate, Truffle, Coffee.






Gourmet Oreos


Yay, the Holidays are over! Wait, what? Oh look, Valentine’s Day…  Well then,  tiime to break out the gourmet Oreos!







Single Cup Coffee Maker


Feel like you’re missing out on the single cup coffee craze? Aicok makes great appliances for your budget (for ANY budget). Never heard of Aicok until I ordered their portable panini/waffle maker/toaster 3 in 1 for Christmas – fantastic products – take a chance and you’ll love it too!







High Fiber Cereal


Gotta love when a product just puts it out there.









Not your run of the mill jerky here – things got a little WILD!

  • Buffalo Jerky (3oz) & Rabbit Jerky (3oz)
  • Elk Summer Sausage (16oz) & Venison Landjaegers (6oz)
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky (0.75oz) & Alpaca Jerky (1oz) & Beef and Ostrich Stick (1oz) & Maple Duck Jerky Stick (1oz) & Beef and Pheasant Jerky Stick (1oz)
  • These exotic meat sticks and sausage use a time tested recipe that balances wild game with premium pork or beef to accentuate the flavors
  • Comes in a Wooden Gift Crate – Jerky Lover Gift Set – Great Gift For Him – Christmas Gift – Birthday





Bacon Gift Box


Want a gift box that’s a little more tame than exotic jerky?  Ahhh, Bacon.






Microwave Potato Chip Maker


Craving fresh potato chips and all you have is a bag of whole potatoes? Well, in a few minutes you can have those chips (or fruit crisps) from your microwave! Slice those taters (slicer INCLUDED), pop in the microwave and there ya go.










Death Wish Coffee



There are no better words that I can use to describe Death Wish, so I will just post a customer’s review of this double-caffeinated coffee –




And there you go…








Mini Cheesecakes


Never show up for dinner empty-handed! And always bring quality to the party.










Hot Chocolate Variety


The cold weather is creeping up fast and it’s close to hot chocolate season – be ready with a variety of gourmet flavors and snuggle up with a cup and a fuzzy blanket. Five flavors and 42 servings – it’s a plan!





Emoji Cookie Cutters

Kids love cookies, kids love emojis, kids will love this combination! Great for parties and school (and the office).






Gourmet Coffee Pods


Suffer “menu fatigue” no longer with an amazing variety of coffee podsContains 12 cups of City Roast, French, Donut, Colombia, Italian, & Chicory. 6 cups of Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate chip, Vanilla











Five Award-Winning soups in an easy-peasy sampler pack makes meal prep as simple as adding water. All natural and low sodium.







You have not had “the” perfect cup of coffee until you’ve had Jamaican Blue Mountain.  Coffee snobs adore this – and so will you.  Grinding whole bean coffee gives you the freshest taste, so you will want this amazing bag of beans!