Grinch To-Do List Baseball Shirt



Our new partner, has our new Holiday “uniform”!  We are for anything Grinch. But a word of warning – please check size chart since their products run small.  They have some very unique items – go check them out. PLUS, they have Free Standard Shipping Worldwide!






Halloween Onesie


Halloween cuteness – this pretty much says it all!






Weiner Dog Pajamas Cool weather requires cool jammies.







Velociraptor TShirt


Dino/Science/Nerd Alert – Here come the Velociraptors!











Tequila Tank Top


Bellelily has come to and we are stoked. Come check out the best tank tops at ridiculous savings – and all their other fun clothes. Back to School shopping starts here, where you’ll find what you want, love and need! Please note that a lot of their products run small – so order up about 2 sizes larger.





Hooman Cat Shirt



When you want to feel human, but it’s just not working







Mens Stick Figure Shirt


Stick figures have invaded the Men’s Section of CafePress and they are offering their “special” kind of support… This will make a great gift for your best buddy – and the Holidays are coming hard and fast. Add this to your list!






Lace Scarf


Scarf season is almost upon us – but this one works in the Summertime too! Layer any outfit with this beautiful lace infinity scarf and start accepting the compliments that WILL come.








Satin Fashion Top



So much is going on here at this week – and we invite you to come and get Naked. Naked Zebra has just been added to our little assortment of awesomeness!







Studded Cut Out Shoes


A little shoe shopping led to these – and we gotta admit, they are eye-catching in a motorcycle/goth/Am-I-a-Shoe-or-a-Sandal kind of way.  Take a walk on the wild side in these!







Procrastinators Unite! Simple, cute and to the point – but runs small, so order a size (or probably 2 sizes) up.







Is this a snapshot of evolution or just a really weird parade?







Bow Hunter Tshirt


As tags come in fast and furious, we have a new arrival for those who love a good bow hunt!







Optical Illusion Pantyhose


When you just feel like messing with people…







Lightning Necktie


Our first Father’s Day gift is truly striking (Get it? Lightning strike? Ha?)! If you want to go traditional this Father’s Day, add a little flash to his wardrobe (Again – Flash? Flash of lightning? Oy?) Alright, I apologize for this whole description, but it really is a nice tie…






Mens Beach Shorts


Another item for the guys! Is this fashion forward or a lack of fashion sense? We are certain that there is a statement being made here – but what that statement is? Not a clue…








BuckedUp Snapback Hat


We’re not just all about Amazon here – check out this new addition to BuckedUp Apparel and all the rest of their hunting and fishing clothing.







Stick Figure Tshirt


Do your part and support that one person who needs a pat on the back.












Don't Try This at Home



Heed the warnings or take your chances!











There IS truth in advertising – great Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift for parents of “icky-stickies”.  Sizes up to 2 years old!







Steve Buscemi Shirt


One Buscemi, Two Buscemi,

Three Buscemi, Four

You’re not likely to find this treasure

at your average store.


*Update – got my shirt and it runs small, so order up a size or two!!!  Not a cotton tshirt (more like a rayon) and has a pinkish/red tinge overall, but everyone around me loves it – and so do I.







Horrible Idea HatHorrible Idea Ladies Top



No one is immune from good times going sideways, and there’s always a good story afterwards!









LED Cowboy Hat


Party, country style. Light up concerts, festivals and dancefloors – you can see and be seen!





Newsboy Cap


When it’s time to grow out of baseball caps but you’re just a hat-kind-of-guy (or gal). Superior quality, comfort and style with a retro-chic uniqueness.






Newspaper/Cabbie Hat



A more relaxed look than the cap above (with a more relaxed price). A great everyday cap!







Mom & Baby Shirts


Perfect for every mom and any baby!   Matching outfits are kinda nerdy, but we’re making an exception with these.







Zombie Evolution


The Theory of (De)(Re)Evolution of Man is now your favorite Zombie Run shirt – or just a weird fashion statement.








Aqua Shoes


To heck with aqua socks – get the whole darn shoe!  Quick drying and provides the traction you need in wet & slippery areas.  Winter won’t last much longer – and these are great beach, lake and boat shoes.








Drunk Tshirt


Living in a college neighborhood, this should be the official shirt of Thursday Night (Thirsty Thursdays).  And even though it’s not green, this could work very well on St. Patrick’s Day!







Drunkin Grownups


Now THIS is a great shirt for St Patrick’s day – or any other day.













Asymmetrical Hoodie Top


Once we dig out from under Winter snow – it’ll be SWEATER SEASON! Wear this simple, classic asymmetrical beauty over jeans or leggings and you’re ready for dressy or casual day in – or night out!








Funny Baby Onesies


Other styles also available – in “Dad”…














Metallic Glitter Shoes


Sparkle in style and comfort with these slip-on metallic glittery tennis shoes and get a little fancy with your feet. Five colors available – from Rose Gold to Black!








Inigo Montoya


This addition is for my husband and his dedication to watching this movie over and over and over again (XOXO, from his Princess Bride).






Turtle Slippers


People who think turtles are slow have never put these bad boys on and ran around the house!







Doritos SocksCheetos Socks Cap'n Crunch Socks


Also available in Cheetos, Kool Aid, Skittles and Cap’n Crunch! Your feet deserve a little foodie fun.






I Am Two Tshirt


A fashion “must” for the toddler crowd.













Not sure if this is more “clothing” or “jewelry” – what we do know is that this is striking!







Chubby Unicorn


We all have a duty to look out for each other – even those weird looking fat unicorns…








Vintage Dress



There is a reason vintage clothing is making a comeback. In two words – style and class.







Camo Cap



Head-hugging warmth and lightweight.  New at BuckedUp Apparel – Click the link in the menu bar to see the full selection BuckedUp has to offer you! Don’t forget to use Promo Code “mileej15” for 15% your order.







Dinosaur Tshirt


I little motivation can go a long way. Anyone can grab this shirt – no matter how long your arms are!






Time and Crayons



The struggle is real…












Breathe Fire Tshirt


Just keep practicing.













Sorry I'm Late Tshirt


Introverts UNITE! (Actually that’s not fair – this shirt fits sooo many occasions…)






Foot Xray Socks


Maybe not for your dressier occasions, but these socks could be very fun!




Beer Holding Belt Buckle Beer Holding Belt bUCKLE


Get him a belt buckle that multitasks – keep those pants from sagging & keep that beer close! It’s actually a very attractive, quality buckle – and then voila, you’re hands-free. This suggestion comes from Judy in Tennessee – if you have an idea for our site, contact us at! (Thanks Judy!)







Coloring Socks


Color your own socks – staying in the lines is optional.








Pizza Tshirt




Are you good at spilling? Here’s your new shirt! These are smaller sizes – so order 2 sizes up for men, 1 up for women.






BuckedUp ApparelBuckedUp Apparel Tank Top



We are very happy to introduce our affiliation with BuckedUp Apparel!   Our exclusive line of hunting gear features original BuckedUp® designs that fit any active lifestyle and look as good indoors as out.  We also offer Spooled fishing apparel for all you water babies.  Enter Promo Code “MILEEJ15” at checkout for 15% off anything on the site!








Slip-on Ice Cleats


Save yourself the price of snow boots – these slip onto any shoe or boot to make your favorite pair a snow boot. Heavy duty -and with great reviews – tell us that if you live or work where there is snow and ice, you’ll want this inexpensive safety measure!





Aliens and Tacos



This one is a no-brainer because who doesn’t love aliens – and tacos?! Men’s, Women’s and kid’s sizes available.





Fur-lined Fingerless Gloves


Tackle Winter in style – woolen knit arm warmers combined with  faux rabbit hair fingerless gloves makes staying warm this season cozy and cute!








Be a walking Pizza Party and hold the anchovies.  Another great shirt that runs a bit small – men should order 2 sizes up, and women 1 size up from regular.





Bacon and Eggs Shirt




This is what you get to see when the web designer is hungry… and wants breakfast.





Bluetooth BeanieBluetooth Beanier



Winter is coming – we may as well have fun with it. Ski down the slopes, or trudge through errands, with your favorite tunes – all hands free.








Okay all you legging lovers – we have your casual wear, with a Steampunk flair! Warning: runs a bit small, so order a size up.




football onesie


Everyone (no matter how young) should be properly dressed for football season – whether it’s a jersey of a favorite player, or the ball itself! Customize their name/nickname on the back, just don’t fumble the ball…





Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from The Big Bang Theory.  It’s easy – the rules are on the shirt.







If you’re gonna sport Batman-wear, at least be authentic!  Adam West all the way.








Play Predator Peek-a-Boo for Shark Week!











One of our favorite scenes from one of our favorite movies! (You now have this song stuck in your head, right?)







These solve the annoying problem of losing shoes, getting shoes wet and/or burning your feet at the pool, the water park or the lake.  Grab a set of five waterproof pair of invisible shoes!







If you’re sure your cat is out to kill you – you need this shirt!











Or maybe jammies are more your style?…












Rock this look at the gym and share some Slurpee Love.







Sounds legit to us













We found his new camping shirt












For all you alumni of Wossamotta U – show your pride. If you grew up with Rocky & Bullwinkle, you’re an alumni!







We here at Milee J Enterprises are in a mood






Do you ever feel like you’re walking into a steaming pile of &%#$? Now you can relax and be comfortable stepping in poop.




Or if Poop Slippers are too cutesy for your taste, there’s always these charming guys!










Even an itsy-bitsy has to go formal once in a while.  Who says you can’t be suave and stylish while sucking your thumb?








First thing I do when I get home from work is put my “jammie pants” on. Now we can get comfortable and still look like we’re dressed for the day.  Reviews warn that the sizes run small – so order a size (or two) up – they have a drawstring, so that’s not a problem!







For the frustrated Zombie wannabes – now you can at least look like one from the waist up!





Okay Ladies, I think we can rock this look (and enjoy the looks we get!)







Why play it straight when you can have these?!