Inflatable Bull Pool Toy

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff


We like to start our Summer posts early so we may forget Winter (who is definitely overstaying its welcome)… So let’s begin with a little bull (another reference to Winter? yep).  Drop in the pool or lake and hold on tight – see how long it takes the inflatable beast to throw you off.






Serta Sheep Collectible


Sometimes our favorite TV characters come from advertisers’ commercials. Take #80 for example… Adopt a collectible Serta Counting Sheep and sleep soundly, knowing that this little cutie is all yours!






Pest Control Bug Salt Gun


Theyyyy’rrrrre coming – be ready! Retire the fly swatter and blast the little buggers away – all while brushing up with your target practice skills.  Fly hunting can be fun (and more efficient than ever); and the “ammo” is found at any grocery store.






I Baked You Some Shut the Fucupcakes MugEven Unicorns have their limits

















Enjoy your coffee with your new friend – who kinda looks like you before your coffee… Handmade stoneware made on a pottery wheel, is dishwasher safe and has relatable googly eyes (admit it, they ARE relatable!).






Identity Protector


A layer of identity protection when you don’t have a paper shredder! Simply roll over any sensitive information and keep it from prying eyes.






Shark Crossbody Bag

It’s always Shark Week here – and we gals need a purse for every occasion. Stash your phone, money and keys at the beach where sharks are feared and (even though hims is very cute) he’ll instill terror in delinquent volleyball players and old people with metal detectors.








Butthead Figurines


Because you can’t possibly have enough toys that fart (and have butts for heads)








When you want cutesy wrapping paper – but you’re also kind of a smartass…





Black Diamond Playing Cards


Next time an impromptu card game breaks out – break out these bad boys. Laser-constructed, black diamond waterproof cards make the game a little more fancy – and a perfect add-on to get free shipping to your existing Amazon order!







Skull Plant potBrain Cactus


If you feel brains are in short supply at work or home – grow some more!







Organic Dryer Balls


If there is ANYTHING that can make laundry fun, it’s these little guys!  Toss out the dryer sheets and throw in the penguins to let them work their magic – they naturally fluff and reduce static (and drying time), and last for 1000 loads. Hypoallergenic, chemical and fragrance free – but go ahead and add your favorite essential oils if you want to add scent!






Fruit 3D Cushions



Deliciously comfortable cushions – perfect for stadium seating, throw pillows or back support. Realistic 3D effects looks like you picked these from the garden of the Jolly Green Giant!







Snow Miser Flask


Need help getting the Christmas “Spirit”? (Sorry, I know I should be ashamed… but nah!)



Glow in the Dark Gift Bags


When you hate wrapping gifts but a brown paper bag just won’t do – voila! Glow in the Dark Christmas fun right here, folks…






Attempted Murder


Not everyone will “get” this – but if you do, GET THIS! Everyone needs a little bird humor (and attempted murder) in their life…







Paint by "Diamonds"


Paint by Numbers meets Shiny “Cross Stitching”. Make a picture for your home with all the gloss and shimmer that you can stand, without the fade of resin “diamonds” – and find your next favorite hobby. Great for gift giving, both as a kit or as a finished product.







Deciding what to be for Halloween or just your plain old everyday masquerade party? Grab this vintage design and be the Phantom of the Opera (or Carwash or Grocery Store)! This venetian half mask is a popular choice for parties and has many design options and colors to choose from.








The Grinch The Grinch and Max



Adopt your favorite Christmas characters this year – kids of all ages will love to find these little guys in their stockings! We are kinda partial to the Grinch (and his dog, Max) – and especially the Miser Brothers!







Fresh Hell Coffee Cup


Celebrate the final season of The Big Bang Theory with a question I ask quite often.  Check out CafePress’s TV Shows section for my new favorite coffee cup!







Creature from the Blue Lagoon Poster



Here’s that special gift for your Old, B-Movie Horror Buff! Get the Creature’s “Vintage” movie poster – 24″ X 36″ of swampy, slimy, campy goodness.






Musical Piano Mat


Keep them moving in the cold winter months and let them get creative with music! Use in 4 modes and 10 different instruments and they’ll be dancing to their own songs in no time – take THAT Dance Dance Revolution…







Push Button Wallet


Here’s a wallet for the hard to buy.  Organize those cards and keep them protected from damage, accessing them at the push of a button – while keeping your cash in the attached moneyclip. And you can’t go wrong with a Lifetime Warranty on the mechanism!






A fun, new game is making the rounds and you’ll want this one for all the parties coming up – Holiday, college, anywhere where you’re friends don’t get offended easily (and the more friends, the better)!







Watermelon Flip Flops


If you’ve thought of it, chances are it might already be here! Our newest ingredient to our site is CaféPress – the leader in fun gifts and all things personalized. Thousands of “shop or create” tshirts, posters and other gifts to get your imagination flowing and express yourself!








William Shatner Christmas Album



From the other guy who brought you Rocket Man, what can possibly go wrong? Move over Santa, there’s a new Claus in town!







Campers, hunters and fishermen – we have your new favorite knife right here!

  • ALBATROSS HGDK-002 EDC Mini Damascus Folding Pocket knife, with liner locking function, safe and convenient to use
  • Made of 67 layers VG10 Damascus Steel Blade, the blade is durable and SHARP
  • Beautifully etched  –  and a perfect Five Star Review 






Robo Can


Now you can do your part to aid in the Rise of the Machines – and all it takes is a battery and an aluminum can.  Your kids can terrorize their brothers & sisters, or the cat will forget the dreaded red dot – with Robo Can, the possibilities are endless!







Thunder Tube


Introducing the Thunder Tube – one of your more unique “musical instruments” that produces a sound somewhere between a gong and a digeridoo (and apparently loud thunder or a soft chirp of a bird according to the reviews…).

What is agreed upon it that this is highly addictive and total fun!








Panda Bear Personal Alarm


This cute little guy could save you in a dangerous situation. Not only does it hold your keys, it guards you like a Mama Bear and will emit a 130dB alarm to scare away attackers AND then it will send your location through the Smart Positioning App function to send your location to your family and friends so that they immediately come to protect you. (Please download and install the standalone Apps.)

Perfect for older folks if they fall – or the little ones in your family when they feel scared away from home.  All this and a cute button nose!







Slurpee Maker


7-Eleven Day is right around the corner, so grab your free Slurpee – then go home and make your own any time you want!






DIY Mechanical Box


Here’s a fun little project that ends up as a decorative box for candies or other little odds and ends. Excellent instructions and rave reviews make this one of our Featured Products!







Monkey Face Orchid Seeds


While you plant your garden, throw some of these seeds into a pot and grow your own monkey faces! They make look mean, but at least they will not fling their poop at you…






Bob Ross Deadpool


Even Superheroes have Superheroes. While you’re off to the next costume party dressed as Deadpool, Deadpool will going as Bob Ross.

Now you’re probably considering changing YOUR outfit to BobRossDeadpool… (Do it! You’ll be a hit.)







Some say I’m an Idiot Savant (although some forget to say the “Savant” part), but I know what I like – and I like this little guy. Funko is taking orders for tiny, sexy Deadpool and we’d hate for you to miss out!





Bamboo Handbag



Need to pack a few things to go with your Summer outfit – and your big clunky purse doesn’t quite cut it?  Go Au Naturel with this sturdy bamboo handbag!







Mother's Little Helper Pill Case


Take your meds on the go and always keep them guessing!














Spock Dog Tote Bag

Shenanigans Tote BagMoose Tote Bag


With plastic grocery bags being phased out – or even outlawed – we’ve got your back!  Whether you go shoppinghead to the beach, or just need a work bag –  do it in style!






Golf Pen Set


Woo Hoo – it’s finally golf weather! But, if you’re stuck at home or work, you can still get in the spirit with this great little pen set with its realistic golf bag/stand.







Stuffed Hedgehog


If you’ve spent any decent amount of  time cruising around the internet, you’ve probably thought “Awww, I want a hedgehog”. Here’s your chance! Granted, this little guy won’t be starring in any You Tube videos (at least not without your help); but people seem to like him as he sits around and does nothing – sorta like that one coworker that no one can quite figure out.  The cuteness factor with this one is off the charts.








Jellyfish Lamp


Do you love jellyfish but hate the whole stinging pain, itchiness and numbing stuff? Corral those suckers into this cool little lamp and enjoy! Disclaimer: These jellyfish are not real – so no tank cleaning, feeding or PETA protests are involved.






Mombie Coffee Mug


Great gift for Mom (Designed by Captain Obvious).  How have we not heard this word before?!













Black Cat Backpack


We at have a love of black cats (in our house, we call her Tweezer) – so it’s a no-brainer that we offer this 5-Star-Rated kittyface backpack. A little on the smaller size, it will work well for a little kid’s school backpack – or a big kid’s gym bag. Either way, we should all tote around a Tweezer (attitude and all!).







Retto Marijuana PosterRetro Marijuana Posters


Doctor-recommended retro awesomeness!






Nic Cage Pillowcase


With his huge cult following, how can you even sleep at night without this Nic Cage pillowcase – and his special brand of bat crap crazy?!








B-Movie Action Figures


Encourage play and empower the imagination of young minds with the official B-Movie Victims Playset! Rumor has it Ed Wood and Roger Corman started their stellar careers with these teeny, tiny movie extras (but this has neither been confirmed nor denied).







Scented Candle Gift Pack


Give Mom unique scents and fill the house with yummy happiness! Beautifully gift-wrapped for Mother’s Day (or any day).







Scented Candles


The art of bait and switch is alive with these candles, which is a good thing! (Hint: Does not really smell like old man’s balls… BUT would make a great Father’s Day gift – or a really awkward Mother’s Day one).






Bigfoot Toy



Because we truly believe every person and every website needs a Bigfoot.







Shakespeare Bandages


Everyone gets boo-boos, it’s how you deal with them that counts.  Instead of crying and carrying on, let an old dead guy insult everyone who gazes upon these bandages – and show a little class (very little class).









He’s a painter, he’s an internet meme, he’s the master of home perms and he’s been dead for over 20 years. He’s BOB ROSS – and now he can be your little buddy!








Perfume Making Kit



Do you love scents and perfumes? Slip into Mad Scientist mode and make your own!  Create one-of-a-kind, signature perfumes with this starter kit.  Fragrances can take you from a hobby to your own business – now is your time to make something memorable.








Putting Green


Perfect portable practice putting green – don’t let your game suffer when the weather won’t cooperate.







Talking Hamster


Let this little guy do your dirty work. Want to tell off a coworker? It’s best done in a little squeaky voice.  It can also be used for good – instead of evil (relay messages to wife, great kids toy, blah, blah, blah).  I’m putting mine next to the garbage can so it can tell the dog to “get out of there”…






Desktop Golf Organizer


The ultimate in mini golf – for your desktop. This great little piece is a phone/tablet/pen holder, desk organizer/coaster, serving tray, and a miniature golf game.  Satisfaction (and fun) – 100% Guaranteed!





Sharpie Stash Container



Tuck away whatever you want to hide from prying eyes in a Sharpie that actually writes!  Stash money, medicine, “whatever” in your car, purse or pocket and nosy people won’t catch on.







Basketball Mug


Just in time for March Madness!  Our motto is to offer you the Unique, Strange, Wonderful and Absurd – this covers all bases.








Portable Campfire


Camp a little safer and with more control with Radiate’s Portable Campfire. Easy to light, easy to fully extinguish and safe for marshmallows – they won a Trifecta here.  Makes a great little fire pit for the backyard too!









Gentlemen – you really don’t need 3 years of receipts, ticket stubs and mail (yes, mail!) in your wallet. All you need is this – at half the price. Carry the essentials without sitting on a 3 inch pile of “Ouch, why does my back hurt?”.








Slot Machine Bank



As with all casino games, the house has the edge. Soooo, put this realistic slot machine in YOUR house. Has all the bells and whistles – just like a real slot game.







Spelling/Grammar Coffee Mug


The English language is goofy – you may need coffee to figure it out…












Trout on a Rope Soap


Just because fishermen are weird like this.











Weed Soap



From the makers of Trout on a Rope, here is Dope on a Rope – with the motto “Don’t Smoke It, Soak It”.







Unique Vegetables Growing Kit


Planting season is around the corner and here is your chance to grow some very unique veggies!  Want purple carrots? Here ya go. Purple-Red Brussel Sprouts?  They’re here. Rainbow Chard Seeds? Yep. How about striped tomatoes? Sure, why not! We have everything all in one kit – just add the green thumb.








Shark Kite


It’s almost that time of year! Get those kids (and husband) out of the house and let them start their own Sharknado.








Water Bottle with Storage


Are you the person who is always on the go, but would never be caught dead without your water? Now you can run errands, go to the gym, do whatever(!) AND have your drink of choice – while also keeping your money, debit card, ID or key in the built-in storage compartment.








Moving Sand Art


Be mesmerized by moving sand art – and never get the same picture twice. Flip the frame, de-stress and watch a new scene come to life.





Popcorn Erasers


Everyone makes boo-boos, it’s how you deal with them that counts. This popcorn may not fix everything, but it’ll fix homework mistakes and grocery lists.  Plus, its container makes a cute decoration for your desk!







3D Crystal Dog Puzzle


A puppyface for puzzle lovers!  3D Crystal Puzzles come in a variety of designs and difficulty levels – and all leave you with a unique conversation piece.






Feisty Seal


Hug and squeeze this cute little baby harp seal and, well, um, just try it – we dare you!  We all have our moods, and so does “Tony” (yes, his name is Tony…).






Inverted Umbrellas


Umbrellas have gotten all fancy-schmantzy and we love it!  When the weather is gray and drippy, look up and see blue sky and white clouds – or a starry night – or fireworks instead!







Cigarette Case with Lighter


For everyday use or (especially) dressier occasions – carry this sleek cigarette case with built in lighter and leave the gaudy cardboard pack at home. No lighter fluid needed – just power it with a USB. For king (regular) length cigarettes – or other smokables.







Instant Print Camera


The next generation of the old Polaroid takes instant printed pictures for friends, collages or tuck them in your wallet. Share your photos the old-fashioned way, person-to-person!






Llama Duster


Cleaning is not fun for most people, but dusting with a llama has got to help (it sure can’t hurt…)! Beware of fakes (alpacas) and clean with confidence.










Yay, Weinermobile!!!! Now who remembers the song?!













Nose Cups


This is so ridiculous, yet we. must. have. these.  Pick a different nose (ewww) with every cup! You will be considered a dork when you break out these cups – but just know that everyone will secretly wish they thought of this.






Animal Print BalloonsAnimal Nose Cups


You know it’s coming… Wait for it… PARTY LIKE AN ANIMAL! (Okay, I feel better now.)







Shrimp Neck Pillow



Great travel pillows support your neck and makes everyone around you hungry for a seafood platter.







Punching Nun Puppet Shakespeare Punching Puppet




The Battling Bard vs. the No Nonsense Nun – why, just why?  Because UFC is silly. Puppets sold separately.









Zombie Valentines


Kids love getting Valentines; and who doesn’t love zombies?!  Your kids will send the best Valentines cards this year and be the hero of the playground.









Unique Playing Cards


UV Gloss Rainbow Playing Cards are a definite Yes, Please for us!







Semi-Permanent Tattoo Ink


Calling all aspiring tattoo artists! Want to try your hand with semi-permanent results? Or are you thinking of getting a tattoo and want to give your design a trial run? Get creative and original with Inkbox and do it yourself – your tat will last two weeks with all natural ingredients and no long term regrets!






Spock Collectible Doll


Watching the Big Bang Theory and wanted to post their Mr. Spock cuckoo clock, but it costs over $200, sooo we went with the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Mr. Spock “Barbie” doll instead!






Bacon BandagesPickle Bandages


Because some people would not be caught dead in Spongebob  bandagesTime to rock those ouchies with deli food!






Unique Coin Purse




This one gets my personal review – I thought it was too cute that I bought one for myself as a Birthday present. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! So does everyone who sees it. VERY realistic and a good size . Soooo fun and unique – extremely happy with it, a fantastic gift!







T-Rex Terrarium


When you’re feeling older than dirt – reminisce about the good old days with your pet dinosaur (in his tiny natural habitat).






Zombie Plant


Now you can have a green thumb just like me!!! Just touch this plant and it plays dead – but unlike me, it will come back to life in minutes…









Greeting Cards are soooo 2017 – get with the times and send that potato! Ideal for any occasion (with the possible exception of a funeral).






Stuffed Toast Toy


Just because we grow a little older, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to cuddle something soft and squishy. Little kids have purple polka-dotted elephants and teddy bears – we have toast. This little guy is 7″ of lovable, fuzzy comfort food.






Gummy Bear Skeleton


Love Gummy Bears? Want to see what makes them tick – from the inside? Are you a little twisted? Do I ask too many questions?







A thousand pieces and no corners – this jigsaw puzzle has leveled up!






Hair Chalk


When you want to glitz up, get creative with a 6-pack of color and be as vibrant as you want. It’s as easy as combing your hair!






Yodeling Pickle Ornament


How did we miss this?!!! We already have the regular-size Yodeling Pickle on this site – but now you can decorate your tree with one. A motion detector sets off this yodeling wonder when it senses movement within three feet. AND, your cat will love your Christmas tree even more – how perfect is THAT?






Sparkle Farts


This little guy has it all – first of all, he’s a unicorn, and has tacos, and farts. A triple threat! At least he doesn’t poop (that might be Sparkle Farts v2.0…).






curl maker curling iron


I’ve seen the commercials, I’ve read the reviews, I just wish we had these when I was using hot rollers, old-fashioned curling wands or the horrible home permanent kits.  Instant curls come easy now, yaaaay!






Crystal Growing Kit


Calling all Junior Geologists – put this on your Christmas gift list! (Also makes a great gift for “certain smokers” who live in Legalized-Marijuana states – no muss, no fuss and trippy results…)





Magnetic Slime


Remember the old movie “The Blob”?  This magnetic slime is The Blob in a can.  Use a magnet around this stuff and it comes alive! It’s a great little stocking-stuffer.






Drawing Without DIgnity


Once upon a time, there was Pictionary. Ahhh, those were the good old days!







Grow Your Own Cocktails


Farm-To-Table has been replaced with Farm-To-Bar! Now you can grow your own cocktail herbs and become the ultimate mixologist, or you can absolutely win the holidays with this amazing gift. No greenthumb required!







Exploding Kittens Card Game


Exploding Kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. This box, like 99.99% of boxes, does not meow and, here at Milee J,  it’s right up our alley! Fun for the whole family (well, the cat may get a little pissy…).





PC Gift BagsBest invention lately = gift bags! Now they’ve even improved on that.





Owl Skeleton Candle


Most people love candles, lots of people like owls, all people have skeletons – something for everyone?!






Cactus Candles

After the post above, it’s time to “cuten” things up. These should work.







Bringing back one of last years’ favorites. Although the debate still rages – is it a Halloween thing or a Christmas thingNow you can hang a Halloween thing on your Christmas tree and be just as confused as we are…





glass travel mug


A double-wall, air insulated glass travel mug that keeps drinks hot or cold (but comfortable to the touch) and very durable. Tea/flavor infuser is sold separately for custom made drinks on the go! Dishwasher safe and six month warranty make this a great buy!






Customized Color Changing Mug


A great gift that ANYONE will love to receive! Customize this mug with a favorite photo, and when hot liquid is added – the photo will appear. This will instantly become everyones’ favorite cup.






Beetlejuice Halloween Mask



The simplest costumes are the best – add this Beetlejuice mask to your favorite outfit and you’re good to go. Personally we would go with an evening gown…








Beetlejuice Mask


Here is the counterpart to the first Beetlejuice mask above – perfect for a couples costume!






Lobster Costume for Babies


Lobsters have always been delicious (to us at least), but now they are downright adorable! Just in time for Halloween – butter and lemon not recommended.







Because what kid doesn’t want canned goods for a present?…







Your Back to School shopping is not complete without sending them to school with a pencil sharpener! Mom & Dad may even want one for work…









Take the refilling mess out of the mix and enjoy a flameless coil cigarette lighter. Rechargeable and windproof – and just plain awesome!






I kinda miss the old days of metal lunch boxes… Those days are BAAACK! Ahhh, Shark Week Continues.





Make it Shark Week all school year long – your little goofballs will love it!







Just say no to boring birthday candles! Whether you want colored flames or fruit – we got you covered.







Yes folks you can be anything you want when you grow up, sooo  – BE A DINOSAUR! You’ve seen the videos online and on TV, now star in your own prehistoric saga. I’ve even done a fundraiser as a dino – trust me, this is the most fun you can have over and over again because absolutely everyone loves a 7-foot inflatable dinosaur.






It was the best of nights, it was the worst of nights (not really).  I recently joined the DJ Trivia tournament at one of my favorite places. Apparently I suck at trivia, but got to see my Cassie. Cassie reminded me that there are people who have a real need for a yodeling pickle. Thank you, Cassie – your service is appreciated.








Show your love with a bouquet of bacon because eating roses is just wrong.




One of the scariest moments in my life was arming little kids with a blindfold and a stick and letting them whack away at a pinata. If I only knew back then that there were pull-string pinatas…






Forget the remote-controlled cars, planes and helicopters and get yourself a SHARK!






Sneak your favorite drinks past the Security Guards with these flasks and quit paying stadium prices!






Cuddle up to the ones you love – in this case, it’s ice cream and cookies. And as a bonus, the cookie SMELLS freshly-baked!









While texting and emailing may be faster – they aren’t this much fun!  The ladies in your life will enjoy these vintage blank  cards that can be used for any occasions – whether it’s growing old or just general sass!




Coolest Drinking Game Ever! Parties? Camping? Poolside? You Name it! (But play responsibly.)






Let the summer shenanigans begin!




Jigsaw puzzle lovers will love their favorite picture featured on this 308 piece puzzle. I bought one for my brother-in-law as a Christmas gift (with his puppy on it) and he absolutely loved it.






Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Great gift for the Moms or Moms-to-Be in your life (this and a bottle of wine)! And here is the perfect wine bottle holder that reflects how you feel some days!






Back to School” starts earlier every year! Different animals available – and there is no “accidentally” grabbing the wrong backpack if this is yours.







Make yourself – or anyone else – into a bobblehead.  Personalized gifts are  very appreciated and this is the ultimate in personalized.  Bobblehead is based on photos you submit and you can customize everything else! This is truly unforgettable.





Unleash your inner nerd with the (bobblehead) cast of Big Bang Theory.



Just don’t forget about Amy Farrah Fowler







Rule #1 – Never show up to a party empty-handed.







Time to hit the pool or lake in style – and your style says “I want waffles”.

Be the envy of all who float by!









Teach your children the value of saving money while realizing the value of “bathroom humor” with this farting butt bank.  Great for husbands, too!