Pet Things


You should be very careful choosing a pet sofa because when your dog (or cat) is not using it – you know your 3 year-old will! These are very stylish, comfortable and come in four sizes – all with free shipping. Not recommended for animals with teething issues – and that goes for the kid too…





Adjustable Dog Food Bowl Stand


We are happy to bring you a feeding stand that is perfect for both hoomans and puppyheads. No more joint and back pain for you while bending over to put bowls down – and no joint pain and stress for dogs, because they can eat in a natural standing position. It also aids in digestion by eating in their natural position. Adjusts and locks into place – up to 24″.







Dog lovers now can lap it up – without fear of getting pet hair in your drink.  These are about the cutest cups you’ll ever have and you can have your coffee with both “man’s best friend” and a good boy (or girl)!








Banana Pet Bed



Because cats love bananas more than cucumbers!








Customized Pet Necklace


Turn your pet into a pendant.  Your favorite photo can be engraved and customized into a Sterling Silver necklace, with stunning results! A fantastic gift for animal lovers of all ages (and a lot cheaper than a tattoo).








Dog Shaming 2019 Calendar


As we look forward to a fresh start with the new year, let’s not forego a favorite tradition — Dog Shaming! Have a little fun every day with goofy animals and their criminal behavior. Also available in Cat Shaming and You Had One Job…






Domed Litter Box


Kitties love to climb, hide, and poop – so this has just turned into your kibble-cruncher’s favorite pottybox. Fuzzface gets their privacy and your view is pleasantly obstructed (as is the stink factor)…








Pizza Play Toy for Cats


Throwing this one out there because of the reviews – Cat Pizza!  Separate little catnip toys make up the toppings to this pizza – which can be thrown around and playing with when the cat actually gets out of the pizza box in which it comes.  Emphasis on the word “BOX”.  Has all the fun stuff fuzzface wants, crinkly noises, catnip, padding to lay on – and a BOX!






Cats have a love/hate relationship with the dreaded red dot, and now they can stalk and attack it as you sit back and try to get anything else done. It will automatically move in random patterns and keep them busy while you are, let’s say for example – trying to add cute cat toys to your fun little internet store… These may also work for the bigger weird looking cats known as dogs!






Pet Care Supplies


We welcome Best Vet Care to Milee J. Find your premium pet healthcare supplies at great discounts at our new partner site!








This recreational weed is legal in all states; and side effects are minimal (may cause cats to fall in love with chairs and coffee tables).






Funny Pet nTagFunny Pet Tag


More true to life pet tags for your cat, dog, or whateverwhether they are goofy like Roo, or a putzbrain like Turtle (our cat). Personalize the back and, if they get lost, you may just get your little nutcases back!








Hands Free Leash


Go hands free and run with those wild animals – Just make sure you’re at least as fast as pupperface or things can go sideways real fast.







Dog Umbrella/Leash


Looking for a doggy raincoat for a friend when I ran across this umbrella/leash – not sure if my dog and I are coordinated enough to be able to use one of these… Good thing Roo is a water dog!







Pet Grooming Gloves


Not quite unique nor unusual – just a fantastic item for fur faces that hate to be groomed. I once had a cat that always wanted pets, but put a brush in my hand – and he attacked the brush (and, accidently on occasion, me). There was clawing, biting and blood (soooo much blood)… Skip ahead a few decades and a genius came up with these – ahhh, all the time wasted!  These offer the best of all worlds when you want to make everyone happy.







Pet Tag for Women Owners


And now for the Ladies out there – get your pet back home with a ID tag that tells the Ugly Truth, and dry those tears!







Nail Trimmer for Pets


Your pet wants that mani/pedi…  This low noise trimmer won’t freak them out – and it’s actually a grinder, so there’s less risk  of cutting nails too short! Save their paws, your skin and the floors!







Unique Cat Feeder


Get them lazy cat butts moving and feed them in a way to satisfy their natural instinct – introducing the indoor “hunting” cat feeder!  Every aspect of the feeder Is designed to mimic natural feeding habits – clawing and grabbing. They’ll be well fed and happier – and look less like a fuzzy throw pillow.







Dog Gravies/Condiments


You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing over and over again, why would puppyhead? Break the kibble boredom with nutrient-rich gravies that have everything your adult dog wants and needs!







Pet Tag


Finally a pet tag that comes from the pet’s point of view. Personalize the back with four lines of information that will help you get your furry buddy back home, safe and sound.







Poop Squeaky Toy



We’re not sure if we should encourage dogs to play with poop, but this guy is cuter and smells better than the real stuff – so we say “Sure”.  (And real poop doesn’t squeak – so if puppyhead had brown stuff in his mouth that isn’t making noise, don’t try to grab it and play keep away…)







Let’s face it – if you have a dog, you will have the dreaded squeakie toy every now and then. Dogs love squeakers and who doesn’t love rubber chickens? Fun for everyone right here!







Cookbook for Dogs


Stop harming your dog with food being sold by manufacturers who couldn’t care less about anything but making the bucks.  Recalls are widespread, yet those brands are STILL on the market – nothing seems to be getting fixed… Your dogs are family – treat them like family – and make them quick, tasty and healthy food.  Spend your money on more toys, not more vet bills!







If you have multiple pets, or the dog is always stealing the cat food (or vice versa…), and you are constantly refilling kibble and water bowls – these will save you time and trouble throughout the day.







Step aside catnip – we found something better!





Pet Treat Launcher


Launch “those puppies” at your puppy (or cats)!  Go for distance and relieve your pets’ cabin fever this Winter.








Christmas stocking for pets


Whether they’re naughty or nice, we love them and they deserve treats for Christmas!






If your pet is outside most of the day – or just looooves to drink or play with water – you’re gonna want this. I know Roo does!





Tennie Ball Launcher


Does your dog suddenly want to stop going to the dog park? Do you have to play fetch in the backyard instead of the front? The truth may be that your dog is embarrassed by the fact that the cat can throw a ball better than you… Get your self-esteem back and launch those suckers – be a tennis ball badass once again!






portable dog bowls


Perfect for a day out with the dog – collapsible water and food bowls, and a silly little ball. Be the envy of everyone at the dog park and keep puppyhead happy!






We love them, but let’s face it – dogs are goofy. Here’s a way to step up the goofy-factor all while playing fetch.







Dogs love a Birthday Party too – or ice cream on a hot summer day. Give them a treat today!









Here’s a great toy for the dog who has cabin fever this winter – SQUEAKY BACON! Nothing more to say…





Whether you have a “Good Boy” or “Good Girl” – No one will lose this ball under the couch.