Rotating Knife Stand

For The Home


Loving this knife rack! See which knife you need with this rotating acrylic stand – complete with knives, scissors and sharpening tool.





Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Skip McDonalds and do it yourself – quickly and easily. Add whatever ingredients you wish and custom make your breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes, all at an incredible price.







Clock with Hidden Compartment


Hide your stuff in plain site with this Retro-Style working wall clock and it’s hidden compartment. Easy access and keeps items out of reach of kids and other shorter humans.






4-Compartment Cooking Pan


Breakfast is too early to make a mess – so save yourself time, trouble and cleanup with this non-stick, induction ready aluminum pan – and enjoy the rest of your day faster!








Old Man's Balls Scented Candle


There comes a time in gift-giving when you just can’t play it straight – that time is now, and this is THE gift!





Trapdoor Creepy Stairs Rug


We have always loved this rug – and the possibilities it presents. Time to mess with your guests!







Hot Air Balloon Lamp


Here’s one for the little kids – too cute, touch-controlled and dimmable – great little nightlight for bedrooms and nurseries. Just pick yellow for bear or a pink little bunny and you’re all set!






Sleep Bulb


We never even knew this type of lightbulb was “a thing”, but life-long insomniacs are giving it high ratings for its effectiveness.  The patented light technology helps support your body’s natural production of melatonin, a hormone necessary to trigger sleep, and regulate your circadian rhythm. This enables you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and return to sleep sooner.







Text Clock


If you like things a little off center from the norm, we’re happy to present this wall/tabletop clock – in all its glory.






Unique Bookcase Tree


We’re giving this compact bookcase/tree our recommendation for being unique, useful and inexpensive (yet valuable). Space-saving storage-display cabinet is perfect for dens & dorms, and works with CDs, video games, files – as well as books. 






Nightlight with Sensor


Here’s a cool, energy-efficient nightlight with a “dusk to dawn” sensor that will turn on and off when the light is needed – AND you can select which color you would like it to glow, setting the mood you want to create!







Solar-Powered Security Light


We’re burning daylight and soon it’ll be dark at 5pm. Mount this solar-powered security light anywhere (and on just about any surface) – so you can see better and be safer.







Modern Floor Lamp


When you want a warm, natural spotlight that some have compared to a skylight – you want this contemporary, minimalist arc floor lamp.







Neon Wall Clock


This Sterling & Noble wall clock offers quality quartz accuracy along with neon pizzazz, so you can shine a light on that lump of a floor-sleeping dog in the middle of the night – and no one gets hurt!













Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair


Zero Gravity = Maximum Relaxation. Lightweight portability, padded headrest, contoured armrests + 1-year limited warranty? Sounds like a big, fat yes to us!







Stained Glass Fireplace Screen


This piece is a bit more pricey than what we usually offer – but we are mesmerized by it. Cozy up to a fire and watch the colors through this spectacular stained glass fireplace screen. Special financing available with an Amazon store card.







This cute little snack size microwave popcorn popper is designed for less burning and makes it easy to check if your popcorn is done.  Family-size popper is available too!







Window Privacy Film


Let the light in while keeping prying eyes out. This static cling window film applies in minutes, uses no glue and can be reused. It also provides a bit of insulation on top of its stained glass effect.









This handblown diamond decanter gives your event a Five Star Rating – even if your serving “bargain basement”.  Liquor, wine or nonalcoholic beverages stay fresh with the airtight stopper; and makes a great decoration when not in use.








Stovetop Toaster


A unique twist on the toaster!  Save your counterspace and make toast or hot sandwiches on your stove for easy-cleanup-panini-perfection. Great for a one person household, dorm life and camping season!!!







Spiral LED Light


This little wonder definitely has superpowers. A squiggly tube by day – but turn it on and you have a sleek, futuristic light-giving, epic art-deco lamp.  (Gee, can you tell how much we like this…?!)







Star Trek Bottle Opener Mr. Spock Oven Mitt





For the thirsty Star Trek geek. (Yep, watching Big Bang Theory reruns again…).   The oven mitts are what we wanted to originally post, but there are only six left – so grab them while you can!








Diamond Shaped GlassesUnique Shape Glasses



Make an impression while adding a little fun & uniqueness to your drinking glasses.







Ice Ball Mold



Make even more of a (functional) statement with your drinks and add some balls! They melt slower, so they don’t tend to dilute your drinks so fast – and because no one wants weeny little (boring) ice cubes!. They even make a really fun popsicle for summertime.







Wood Basket


Baskets are handy for many things – one of which is making fantastic gifts!  Mother’s Day is approaching and Mom can use for her crafts, food or as decoration.  Made with root wood, the unique style of mother nature make these  practical and artistic.








Chicken Nugget Soap


We promised you strange and unique – well, here you go! On the plus side, your kids will love washing up with these chicken nugget soaps…








Ball Chair


Back and spine problems?  Forget the chairs you kneel on – this is safer to get on and off of, and way more fun (with more back support). 2-year warranty – and perfect for the office too!







Nano Towels


Save a boatload on cleaning supplies when all it takes is a Nano Towel. Cleans virtually any surface using only water. Pack of 4 towels has a customer writing a review like this –  “Got my nano towels today and I’ve been a cleaning fool. The damn thing really works.”





72-Hour Survival Kit


Every once in a while we “play it straight”, and this is one of those “whiles”.  Not much for scaremongering, but everyone should be prepared for disasters – both natural or man made. This extensive kit is emergency preparedness at an excellent price; something every family needs “just in case”. When an emergency hits, store shelves will be bare – and what’s left is subject to price gouging.








Mini Washing Machine


Sooo many reasons this is a great idea… Dorm life, traveling, emergency loads, hatred of laundromats. This mini, portable washing machine has the rave reviews of machines costing twice the price. Case closed!







Portable Clothes Dryer


Next – you can either air-dry your clothes, or… TA DA!








Bubble Waffle Maker


Someone out there dared to mess with waffles, and now we dare you to be different!







Palo Santo Incense Sticks


Incense for the New Age.  Light for 30 seconds to a minute and fill your home with scent – and Palo Santo is believed to release energy from the room, while promoting positivity. Not bad for a bunch of sticks…








Lobster Oven Mitts


We’re hungry. We want lobster. This is as close as we’re getting today.








Hemp Soap


White Water Hemp Milk Soap – Brisk and fresh but casual enough not to overwhelm the senses. Top notes: citrus, black currant and pineapple. The middle notes are: honeydew, muguet and water lily and the base of the fragrance is: vetiver amber and mulberry.








Why trash the whole kitchen to make breakfast? Save that for dinner!  Better yet, make dinner with it too (it’s not just for breakfast food).  Use it anytime you need a griddle, toaster and coffee. Take it camping, use it in the dorm – perfect for singles.






Stained Glass Lightbulb


Set the mood with a warm glow – ambiance is everything!









Scented Lightbulbs


Add scent to your night light with these amazing little bulbs.  Long-lasting silicone bulbs are 5 watt, come in a 3-pack, and (in this instance) are Hazelnut Coffee scented. That’s our kind of aromatherapy!







Cat Toilet Brush


Crazy cat ladies – this one’s for you!  Cats follow you into the bathroom all the time, so this will look at home in there. Just make sure you clean the toilet bowl with the right cat. (The real ones tend to get a little pissy when wet…)







Pink Flamingo Toilet Brush


You have to clean the toilet, so let this little guy help – he’s a lot more useful than a lawn ornament!








Fishtank Desktop Organizer


Desk Organizer, Alarm Clock, Calendar and 6 modes of Nature Sounds – NOW WITH FISH! Want a kitchen buddy or a unique night light? Just add little fishies and you’re all set!




Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser



Because who can say “No” to a Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser?!







Kitty Litter Candle


Here’s one for the Crazy Cat Ladies and Gentlemen – Kitty Litter Krunch scented candles!  Disclaimer: Does Not Smell like Kitty Litter (sorry for false advertising?!).  Half of all profits go directly to Animal Shelters – so it’s a good way to help animals while covering the odor of actual kitty litter! Also available in “Wet Dog”.







Tealight Candles



Even though you need functional candles, there’s no reason why they can’t be stylish. Refillable and unique – which would you rather have, the one on the left or the right? Right one it is!






Black Sheep Soap


Hims is sooo cute and good for you. Charcoal activated – so he is a natural deodorant and moisturizer. Being a black sheep is not a bad thing at all!







Emoji Pancake Griddle



My mom used to make the cutest pancakes, sandwiches, EVERYTHING! Me?  My skills are the stuff nightmares are made of… I sooo needed this when Jeff was a kid – but since my inner child still loves pancakes and even adults love and use emojis, I’m all in on this.






Candle Fountain



A little candlelight to set the mood – a tabletop fountain for added ambiance. Beautiful indoor/outdoor relaxation is yours.






Inflatable AIr Chair


Super comfortable lounge chairs for home, outdoors, anywhere you need! Inflate quickly and start relaxing in colorful cuteness.







When I was little, we had to save all the “good” stuff for company.  Here are your “good” wine glasses! Handblown and painted, with white gold accents – simply gorgeous. Make a special occasion even more special.





Bonsai Growing Kit



Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit – Easily Grow 4 Types of Miniature Trees Indoors






Flower Glass for Hot Drinks



Wake up and be fancy – exquisite detailing, spoon, and coaster makes your morning coffee or tea more of an occasion than a necessity!





Pig Nose Coffee Mug


Or you can be more like me and your morning coffee experience is this – and that’s just fine!








Free for Life – Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! Sobetter HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs absolutely FREE.






Frozen Treat MakerFrozen Treats


Just add fruit and nothing else!  Okay, go ahead and add chocolate…

  • HEALTHY GOODNESS: With Yonanas, you can instantly churn 100% frozen fruits to create a healthy dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives compared to other “ice cream” or “yogurt” like treats.
  • EASY & FUN TO USE: Transform frozen fruit into dessert in just seconds by simply inserting frozen bananas (or any fruit of your choice) into the chute and pushing down using the plunger. It’s that easy and fun to make!








Sunrise Alarm Clock


Unlike alarm clocks that wake you up with screeching sound, this clock hacks your circadian rhythm and helps you wake up naturally without any sound at all. By simulating the sunrise, your body should wake up gradually and more comfortably. However, if you want to set a backup audible alarm just in case, this clock has that too. No more waking up in the dark – while you are waking up in the dark!  It also has a “dim to sleep” feature – as an extra added bonus.






Jade Crackle Dinnerware

We are definitely in love with these and couldn’t decide which to showcase – soooo, why choose? Here’s both sets – 16 pieces of art for the dinner table! Go bold with Jade Crackle, or for subtle sophistication – Taupe is beautiful.





Microwave popcorn popper


Save on “microwave” popcorn and still microwave your popcorn! Use ANY type of kernel, oil or not – it’s entirely up to you. If you have never found microwave popcorn that tastes right,  you’re gonna want this – make your favorite popcorn with convenience. And the bowl collapses for easy storage. Great for home, dorm or camper (anywhere you have a microwave). It’s a BIG WIN for everyone!




Funny Doormat


Let them wipe their feet and take their chances – It’s always nice to let people know what they’re getting into





Ice cream/Yogurt Maker


Treating the whole family just got a) easier, b) more delicious, c) fast or d) ALL OF THE ABOVEEasy and Fast, with 20 to 40 minutes you can make a fresh batch of homemade delicious ice cream, sorbet, gelato or frozen yogurt with this sleek, innovative ice cream maker . It’s a sweet gift for any occasion!







We all have a Batman fan who would absolutely love this clock, maybe it’s you?..




Moon Lamp


Great night light for the budding astronomer who is still afraid of the dark! Or a lamp for the living room/office/camp. 3D printing replicates the real moon – so now you have moonlight whenever you want.






Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers


Most of us use salt & pepper – and there are sooo many cute shakers out there – so we will feature some of the cutest ones out there right here. An we’ll start with these!




Dalmation Salt & Pepper Shaker


Our next contribution to our unofficial Salt & Pepper Shaker Week goes to the dogs.






Table top salt and pepper adjustable grinders allow you to select your desired coarseness and add a gorgeous touch to your dinner table – Bon Appetit!




Salt & Pepper Wands


Sprinkle a little salt & peppery magic on your food – sooo worth the price to see your husband or boyfriend season his food in Fairy Godmother mode…




Salt & Pepper Snowglobes


And the Grand Finale for Salt & Pepper Week – cuteness overload!  Not sure what else I can say – so, again, cuteness overload.






Storage box


Today we offer a cute little decorative box for jewelry, trinkets and various assorted doo-dads.  A major step up from the standard shoebox storage system.






You can have a boring mercury-filled – or a plain digital – thermometer, or you can go “old school unique” with this amazingly accurate Galileo Thermometer/Barometer and have a flash of fun(ctional). Every review on this is 5 Stars – a definite winner!






Multi Picture Frame

Turn all your pictures into wall art with this picture frame – great for the home, office or dorm.






Test Tube Flower Vase


We’re thinking this’ll make a cute addition to your work desk – or a great gift for a favorite teacher. This saves space (instead of a bulky traditional vase) and no flower arranging skills are required.  Makes an interesting pencil holder too!




Do you live and breathe football? Now you can sleep it too! Fits standard-sized pillows and comes with a  money back guarantee.






Use this cute little gadget to start your plants and bulbs, or it can double as a vase for flowers.








This vintage plant “mister” helps keep your plants healthy – and when not in use, makes great decoration for your home or office.  Or go modern with an all-in-one watering and spray bottle.







Great decoration for your home or office – LED lights create a cool effect when used in the dark.













If you’re looking for a wall-mounted votive candle holder or unique diffusers, Pine Oak Farms has some of the best we’ve run across – at great prices (and who doesn’t appreciate value?)!








Get a little futuristic with this cool little oil lamp. This is definitely an attention-getter and burns over 16 hours on one fill.







“Pretty up” your potty!  You spend enough time in the bathroom, you may as well make it a scenic place to escape.







Decorate your space with functional art – this clock is sleek and elegant, and simple to install. Great for your home or office, this make a stunning centerpiece to any room.






This knife is pretty cool – no more cold butter tearing up your bread or bagel (or taking forever to soften and melt).  Don’t leave your butter out of your fridge in order to easily spread it on your favorite foods, this knife makes little ribbons or slices that melt onto your food quickly.





Just leaving this here…





If you have cookies, you need this cookie jar – hims even looks like he’s begging cookies from you (just like a real dog)!





Is it an Opal? Nope – it’s soap! An unforgettable soap. Perfect as a gift or decoration – but when used, it reveals its underlying beauty.







Add a little fun to the “functional” of your bathroom soap.  Made with shea butter, coconut oil and natural glycerin – and natural essential oils.  Available in White Tea & Ginger, Red Rose & Goat Milk and Oatmeal Honey, you will find your favorite fragrance together with colors to complement your decor.





Put the store-bought soap away and moisturize with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil (soooo many oils) and organic palm oil – together with a fresh scent in a beautiful little bar!






Geek Alert! Even nerds love pizza.






Fill your home with scent and get a reusable Mason jar when you’re done. Add the “suggestive” name on the label and you get a great conversation piece. Available in “Hot Buns“, “Nice Melons” and the ever-popular “Smell My Nuts“.







Sit back on the patio and sip your water, tea or favorite adult beverage with the perfect blend of flavors you choose (and save a bundle!) – or you can take your drink with you in this infusion bottle.






We’re adding a rustic touch to your flowers or herb garden. It’s small in size, but big on “cute”! Perfect for indoor use.







Maybe it’s  time to bring back doormats!







Show Dad how much you love him! Okay?





Never drink alone when you can drink with the undead.






“Shake” up your meals and dine with the Droids.







Diehard campers will tell you they LOVE campfire coffee . I call BS on that – BUT now they will love camp coffee because Coleman has figured out a perfect balance between the outdoors and drinkable, home-brewed coffee. (Thank goodness…)






Candles sometimes are necessary, always make a great gift and are never this unique. Got this for my Sister-in-Law as a  Holiday present and everyone had to pick it up and give it a closer look.





.Bloody Halloween Curtain
Decorate for Halloween Parties – or just mess with people. Likely to scare the piss out of people which, if they’re in the bathroom anyway, it’s kinda of the idea. Or with a little ingenuity, it can double as a window covering!



Pretty much how I feel every time I’m in the kitchen.









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